• DS Does Japan – 86s of TAS

    DS Does Japan – 86s of TAS

    Tokyo Auto Salon was simply overwhelming. This is half of one hall, out of 5 halls. Dan and I have been debating over how we […]

  • DS Does Japan – RWB

    DS Does Japan – RWB

    As the sun set on a day of epicness and we were trying to catch our breath after the day at TRD Station when Matyas […]

  • DS Does Japan – Tatsumi PA

    DS Does Japan – Tatsumi PA

    To be frank, I’m a bit lost for words and don’t even know where to begin. I think this phrase sums it up nicely though: […]

  • DS Does Japan – Bayside Meeting

    DS Does Japan – Bayside Meeting

    Welcome to Japan, home to the most diverse, interesting and exciting automotive culture in the world. I know that’s a big call, but I’m confident […]

  • Fitted Friday II

    Fitted Friday II

    Well finally, after 5 weeks I have internet back at my house! So I can actually get some posts from later last year up for […]

  • An open letter to the Premier II

    An open letter to the Premier II

    Last Sunday, we once again held our regular Brisbane meet at Rocklea. The cops turned out in force, so following on from 2013’s fiasco I’ve […]

  • #Festivalof86 Event Coverage

    #Festivalof86 Event Coverage

    This is part of our series of articles published leading up to and during Toyota’s #Festivalof86! Aasbo x Yates Interview Fredric Aasbo’s NASCAR-powered Toyota 86 […]

  • Porsche Forum Cars & Coffee

    Porsche Forum Cars & Coffee

    I love getting out to all the different variety of meets, especially to the ones that bring out the cars that you don’t often see […]

  • DS Cinque 2014

    DS Cinque 2014

    Five years… What a journey its been! Downshift started as a small photo blog published by Rory… Today, it is one of the largest car […]