• DS Does Japan – Area 86

    DS Does Japan – Area 86

    After Tokyo Auto Salon, we headed deeper into Chiba prefecture to the Netz Chiba dealer, one of 4 chains that sell all Toyotas in Japan […]

  • DS Does Japan – RWB

    DS Does Japan – RWB

    As the sun set on a day of epicness and we were trying to catch our breath after the day at TRD Station when Matyas […]

  • DS Does Japan – TRD

    DS Does Japan – TRD

    Day 2 of ‘DS Does Japan’ started off gloriously, with a spectacular view of Tokyo in the foreground and Mt Fuji in the distance, viewed […]

  • Shell/Ferrari Formula 1 Adventure

    Shell/Ferrari Formula 1 Adventure

    Last Tuesday DS received an email asking if we wanted to cover the Melbourne premiere of Shell and Ferrari’s new documentary, “Horse Power”. “Absolutely!” I […]

  • Ramp Up! Dyno Day

    Ramp Up! Dyno Day

    999 Automotive recently celebrated their 10th birthday and to celebrate, they contacted us at Downshift to see if we’d help run an event for them. […]

  • Snap-On Tools x Nissan Motorsports HQ

    Snap-On Tools x Nissan Motorsports HQ

    After being on a hiatus from the photography world, I was very grateful to have been asked if I wanted to attend an amazing event […]

  • Brisbane Lamborghini

    Brisbane Lamborghini

    Last Sunday was meant to be a meetup with some Supercar friends, and a nice winding drive through the mountains. Weather had other ideas and […]

  • 1978 Porsche 911SC

    1978 Porsche 911SC

    Whilst in Sydney, we at Downshift had the opportunity to visit an incredible workshop, City Performance Centre. In this garage were some MINDBLOWING cars, not […]

  • Gintani Track Day

    Gintani Track Day

    Thursday before last I was invited out to Queensland Raceway by Dave from Gintani Australia. It was a no pressure afternoon session with no timing, […]