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  • Hairy Lemon Evo

    Hairy Lemon Evo

    This is a guest blog from Rob Gooley, owner/driver of the Hairy Lemon Evo, gearhead and all-round good guy. We asked Rob to tell us […]

  • Australian Swift Series Driver Challenge

    Australian Swift Series Driver Challenge

    There aren’t too many opportunities where you are provided with the chance to compete for a fully backed drive in a National Level Motorsport Series. […]

  • Will’s new FT-86

    Will’s new FT-86

    Words and pictures by William Grilo. As you all know, the Toyota 86 is the latest sports coupe designed and engineered by Toyota & Subaru. […]

  • JDMST May 2012 – Melbourne

    JDMST May 2012 – Melbourne

    I didn’t bother charging my batteries, nor clearing out my SD card the day before, as I decided to give this month’s meet a miss…

  • Guest blog: Form&Function

    Guest blog: Form&Function

    M: Our most recent guest blogger hails from Sydney, Australia. He runs the Form&Function blog, and we’re happy to showcase some of his best work! […]

  • JDMST Sydney, February 2012

    JDMST Sydney, February 2012

    Last Friday was the date of the latest JDMST meet in Sydney.