Here in Aus the Honda scene is relatively small compared to the likes of the US and Japan, but every year an Annual Cruise is held, which brings out the biggest and baddest Honda’s around, to the extent where some of the attendee’s only see the light of day for this one event per year. This year it was the biggest it has ever been with a massive 120 cars turning out, with all varieties of Honda’s on show ranging from Civics all the way upto S2000’s.

As with all events there are standout cars, and due to our mingling and slackness i was not able to grab shots of some of the highlights. However there will be features coming in the future of some of these cars so keep and eye out. We will also post more pics in the coming weeks to show off more of the field.

This time, we are trying a different approach with the post, and letting the pictures do the talking. So enjoy and look out for more pics to come.

PS: Also as many of you may know i drive a Nissan so i was not allowed to attend, so big thanks to Brad (aka VTEC S2000) for letting me roll with him, and also letting us do a quick (well not really quick) wheel change at his place before setting off.