There has always been one manufacturer who has consistently proved it’s worth around any circuit, anywhere in the world. Being known for its knowledge in car balance and proving displacement means nothing. I am of course talking about the only car manufacturer in the world who supplies Track Insurance to their customers, Porsche.

Porsche’s are alot more affordable than the majority of the other car makers out there like Ferrari and Lamborghini, but are just as good if not better. Of course they also have a few models which cost in excess of 350,000 big ones, but for average Joe they are quite an affordable super car. There is no lack of stunning examples here in Australia and especially up north here in Queensland, with the Porsche Club supplying all manner of car porn. I am fortunate enough to be good friends with an owner and decided to head down and see how the upper class of cars held track days.

This time it was at the quite infamous Lakeside circuit, known for it’s unpredictability and dangerousness to anyone who does not respect the track. Only recently has it been holding track days due to it being shutdown nigh on 10 years ago, so the city council could build housing developments around it. But it was bought out in 2008 and put back into working order, in the three sessions i have been to at the newly opened Lakeside, there has been a crash every time and this day was no different, which really shows how full on it is.

Upon walking into pit lane it takes a while to adjust to just how many Stuttgart’s finest were in attendance, and there were some big named ones at that. With almost every model being represented; 944s, 993s all the way up to 997’s. There were some big dollar examples out in force such as a 997 GT3 RS, multiple 996 & 997 GT3’s, some almost fully race prepped 911’s, an APR Tuned Caymen S and of course the always mental 997 GT2.

It was not an all Porsche affair though as many of the owners also have other cars, and brought them out for a few laps, some even keeping the Porsche’s in line, such as a gorgeous Aston Martin V8 Vantage, and track only Mazda MX5, a fairly serious Subaru STI and the car that had everyone gobsmacked an old Nissan 240Z supporting a full RB26DET swap from a GTR. It was a great day, perfect weather and a perfect line up of cars. Definitely looking forward to their next event, hopefully next time the Carrera GT will be out…..