Ok so apart from being Math, it is also a play on words (numbers??). Triple 9 Automotive have been around for quite some time now, and are especially known for their Honda’s. The owner Adam is a super nice guy, and a friend of mine so when he said they were having a BBQ and sale for Triple 9’s 5th Anniversary I told him I was there for sure.

The turn out was quite good considering the weather was looking a little terrible in the morning of the event. However a lot of killer cars turned out to show support and just so the owners could shoot the shit and look at the sales that 999 were having on the day. Unfortunately Adam’s mental Ek wasn’t there, having previously pushed out 135fwkw on a dyno from a B20 frank it is such an awesome car. However being the sole proprietor of Top Fuel parts they had the Top Fuel DC5, famous for running 1min around the fabled Tsukuba, which is awesome to see in the flesh, however being able to tune the ECU is being a little tougher than the boys thought so it isn’t running all to well.

Standouts for me on the day was of course Joe’s EG, which he has now sold…*sighs*. Choung’s purple Evo VI is always awesome to hear and see, and of course 999’s 10KMU S14 is a prime example of how a Silvia should look. But when the H8LAG Evo rocked up, every ones jaws dropped, mine included, it is stunning in the flesh and the first time I had seen it but hopefully not the last.

All in all it was an awesome day out, and good fun spending time with all the boys, looking at some killer cars on a Sunday afternoon, barebque, cheap parts and a dyno made the day even better. Enjoy the shots.


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Joe’s EG is amazing, one of the best examples getting around. However he decided to finally part with it and sold it a few weeks ago, going to miss seeing it out that is for sure.


The H8LAG Evo IX is really something else, those Rg’s in that size and just the general tough stance of it make it probably one of the best looking Evo’s in QLD.


Much to my dismay, this Eg was boosted…


A clean 33 GTS-T rocking some pretty decent offset, even if the wheels are fakes, at least people are testing the offset waters. Also is making some good power thanks to some choice bolt ons.


This un-assuming Evo 1 actually ran a 11.21@136mph down the quarter, wouldn’t pick it would ya?


Choung’s Evo VI has such a tough idle to it, thanks to some large cams. Also the 34 GTR set it off soo nicely.


If there is one thing us Aussies do well when modifying cars, its definitely imaginative plates.


34 GT-T rocking some big power.


The famous Top Fuel DC5 on show, check out the crazy cooling set up, boggles the mind, but hey it is proven.


White XD9’s with some great offset and 360rwkw cement this S14 somewhere at the top of my list. This is the 10KMU S14 I mentioned above, just realised I didn’t get any front on shots haha.