A good bud of mine told me he was putting together a little “highway cruise” as a kind of farewell of sorts for his R32 GTR. Of course I was as keen as mustard knowing that it could be the last time that the big bad DARE YA 32 GTR comes out again. As I mentioned in a previous post it is for sale, and Justin said he has a very keen buyer. So a fitting farewell cruise then.

Now I have always voiced that I stand by the old saying Quality > Quantity and it is definitely something that comes into practice even more so when you are organizing late night ‘cruises’ as the more cars that attend the more unwanted attention you attract, which you definitely do not want. So Justin put together around 8 – 10 cars for this cruise, I unfortunately did not get shots of every car due to people parking in non lit areas and others bailing early due to impending rain.

It was an awesome night, with DARE YA proving it was to much to handle for the other cars. Seeing a GTR slipping and sliding as it comes onto boost is by far one of the best things you can set your eyes on this side of boobs. Many cars attending deserve a mention, Gus aka WPN26 of course graces our pages once again. His new 4″ exhaust sounds killer, the epically loud GTR burble is amazing to the ears. A quite subtle looking S14 going by the name of 90WER showed up and is easily the most violent car I have seen coming on boost, would be one hell of a ride in that thing, rumours are it is pushing past the 520rwhp mark. A orange S13 showed up, and it is a well known fact it no longer runs an SR but in fact a 1.5Jz and an apparent 550rwhp. Also there was an anonymous white supra that attended which I had never seen before, however I am told it makes around 290rwkw. Finnally how can we forget Brad’s stunning S2000 ‘VTEC’ , which never ceases to drop jaws when it is rolling past on the road.

All in all it was an awesome night, I only got a bunch of shots as I was driving on the night, munch munch nA S13s HAH! But did a quick shoot of Justin and Gus’s cars together for possibly the last time. Enjoy the shots:


The mental S14 I was talking about before, unfortunately this is the only shot I got and it isn’t even that good :(


Justins 32 at the second meeting spot.


The anonymous supra, making some decent power, however I am not a fan of the kit or exhaust. Not my car though.


Spur of the moment farewell photoshoot:


Few shots of Gus’s car, just because we could haha


Both Blue beasts together for possibly the last time, definitely a sad sight.

PS: Notice the girl in the background with the black top and beige mini skirt checking me out haha. If you for some unknown reason are reading this, call me ;)