Hi all, i’m here again for another post.

I won’t be going into any huge detail as I was only able to attend Sunday due to extensive partying, but Rory will have plenty to say after his weekend without a doubt! Make sure to keep an eye out for Matyi’s feature aswell, plenty of promo girl shots to come from him ;)

This weekend just gone held host to the event widely known as Autosalon, held at the Gold Coast Convention Centre (qld event) the event holds host to a variety of cars ranging from “sex spec” show cars with tv’s in ridiculous positions, to slammed flush cars (what up downshift crew!!!), to 1000+hp skylines and supras, also plenty of trade displays showcasing all their latest items for us to see. All in all there has been a significant change from the events in the past years now featuring more cars with decent fitment and more focused on clean, smooth looks from the stereotype “sex spec” cars that Autosalon is so well known for, which in my eyes is an improvement.

Big props to Rory and the guys making it down there on such short notice, the company was great as usual! Thanks guys!

Now time for the photos, not the best photos as I didn’t bother using a tripod or flash but regardless. Enjoy.

Deans s14 hosting a trust turbo on his rb25.

The dyno crew strapping down Mercury Motorsports r34 "Nitto" have to do it right when you're making over 1000hp at all 4 wheels!!

Owner of hardtuned.net Loz's v36, super fresh!!

The sublime 20b s15. This thing has some serious detail put into it, caution to all you parents aswell, turbo will probably suck up the nearest child once on boost.

Hi girls :) !!

The guys and girls from Club Highrollers had a cool setup at their display for them to sit at!

Holden drivers still get the urge to skid even on the dyno!! :P

Unsuccesful in getting traction the owner sadly didn't do too well in the finals.

Bobby's Jdm Integra front'd Civic featuring a worked kswap putting out 176.1kw atw n/a. Very impressive car!!!

As usual more photos and highres versions can be found on -> My Flickr <- clicky clicky, comments appreciated.

 Thanks – Foy