Been out at Powercruise all day today, so fairly stuffed. I’m out there all weekend actually, so if you see me out there or recognise me then come say hey. Always happy to chat with people and I will be carrying Downshift stickers on me so if you want some, bring $5 and I will throw you one. Always love meeting new people in the car scene. Will be posting up today’s coverage and shit talking tomorrow, but for now it is the final Jamboree post.

Obviously this probably won’t be compete with Matyi’s pants tightening post about all the lovely ladies that are at Jambo, but I figured there was some more coverage that could be thrown up. A mate of ours, Eddie, took some awesome shots of the day. Like myself, he slacked and didn’t take many, but quality > quantity as we all say. Also went and sourced some shots of cars that no one got shots of for whatever reasons. Enjoy.


Shot of our stand. It wasn’t an all Downshift affair as we were alongside my mate Rory’s (not gonna lie, it was hell confusing having the two organisers with the same name) clothing line Fitment Clothing Co (check out his site). So good to see some proper car scene apparel starting up here in Aus. Ordering shirts the states with such a temperamental currency sucks…one day its $35, the next its $60.


These are the Downshift stickers, so if you see me out anywhere, I will most likely have some on me. $5 and one is all yours. We will be getting more variety soon.


Bobby should have won Best Engine Bay, but unfortunately a twin turbo Ferrari that is slower than a stock one took top honours. Lame.


Again another car that was duped of a trophy by a certain Ferrari TT. Best wheels right here folks.



Cannot get enough of Steve’s WRX, and this is not the last time you will see this car. Actually, I took some more pics at a recent cruise I went on haha.


Definitely one of the bigger crowd pullers of the day, Chris’s FD.


Zak’s Volvo should have won the award for ‘Most Pics Taken Of’ cause seriously, everytime I would look over or walk past, some dood would be taking some snaps and pointing at the fitment.

Eddie actually got shots of the drags, the actual main part of the whole Jamboree event. Our bad on that one.





Now I am not sure who this bro is, but he got some shots of the more crowd drawing cars that none of us managed to get shots of (or decent shots anyway) so I thought I would throw these up so you can see. Couldn’t track all the cars down but managed to find two. Also , here’s a link to his Flickr so I don’t get any hate mail. Only thumbnails though which SUCKS.

Charles’s JZX is so insanely badass it isn’t even funny. 420rwhp, Works on the front, AMEs on the rear. Bride seats and interior trim. The car has the works and is driven hard, not hard parked. So keen to feature this car on here.

I actually ran into Dean today out at Powercruise. I first saw his 14 earlier in the year at Powerplay, and I loved it ever since. I got into contact with him and he was happy to jump on board with Downshift at Jamboree which was awesome. Was totally stoked as the car looks hell good on those Meisters and is running a RB25 under the hood. That and 14s are easily my favorite Silvia shape.

That is it for the Jamboree posts, hope you enjoyed reading and seeing all the cars. Thanks to everyone who came and repped on the stand, appreciate it so much, would classify all of the guys on the stand as good friends. The crowd seemed to be digging the fitment and I know the media certainly did which is all the advertising we need. If your at an event and you see a massive Downshift or Fitment Clothing banner, then come say hey. Look forward to meeting any readers who I haven’t met yet. Off to bed now, 6am start for a BIG day at Powercruise.