The usual Monday or Tuesday drift sessions were moved to a Friday morning out of the blue; I guess it was just to change things up. I do however think Friday wasn’t the best idea, since asking your boss for the day off on Friday will probably end up in him laughing and telling you to “..get the fuck out”. Consequently, the turnout was a lot smaller, but the quality and atmosphere was still there.

I woke up late to my mate Foy calling me asking where I was at around 7:45, when the drifts start at 8am (and I live around 45 minutes away). This, matched with weekday traffic through the city sucked, and I didn’t arrive till about 9am. However, there was some crazy fog on the day meaning not only was driving scarier than finding out Katy Perry is actually a man, but also the drifting was delayed for around 30 minutes to wait for the fog to lift a little more, so I wasn’t all that late.


The usual suspects were out such as Mez with his video camera, filming some of the action for an upcoming DVD he is making. Josh Coote was also out in his spastic white 180. A few new faces fronted for the day though, which was good to see. My mate Finn was out in his recently purchased drift toy, a green 180. A black S13 rocking black Work Eurolines which looked the goods and went equally as good, driver had some awesome skills with one arm out the window coming onto the straight. But the top car of the day was by far the ALL 90 green eight-six. The car was running a built SR20, and obviously pushing some fairly serious numbers as it was pissing out smoke and holding some serious speed while sideways.

Roll on the shots:



This 31 was pretty badass. Didn’t get any shots of it sideways, but the Mexican fitment was pretty nuts.


The guy driving this is actually a kid, apparently he is like 16 or 17. Has some serious skill; was tearing up all day long, massive smoke show, massive angle, good speed. Definitely going to go places when he is older.




Cam, the owner of this 14 is a realy nice guy, had a good chat to him at the end of the day. Always good to see the faces and personalities behind the cars. Love his 14 too, the colour matched with those Eurolines on the front just wins. Cam if you’re reading this, I definitely want to do a feature on your rig :D


This 180 usually runs super gangster Advan RGs all round, however it was running Meisters on the front and RGs on the rear this time round. Still a winning combination, though. Looked the good sideways too, and apparently the car has been coming into all kinds of drama over the past few months. Good to see it out and running.


Super clean FD was getting around. I think the owner was marshalling.





This was the 13 I was talking about before. The car looks SO badass when it is sliding. Not only is the car killer, but it seems the owner has his shit together when it comes to sliding: arm out the window onto the main straight is all class. Pity I didn’t get a chance to chat with the guy, but oh well, always next time.


Was unsure really what the go with this EA/EF Falcon was, but on closer inspection Foy noticed that he was sitting in a full carbon/kevlar Recaro race bucket. Owner obviously has some serious future intentions for the car.


Macey was out marshalling in his mis-matched 14. Notice here that he is carrying Cam’s front bar after he ripped it off on a run.


Mmm, XT7s.





This 86 was truly badass, loved everything about it. Didn’t get a really good glimpse at the bay, but it is running an SR20 which is obviously producing some pretty good figures. In a stripped out 86 which probably has the same mass as a wheel nut, getting power out of it results in some bullshit scary sliding.



Coote and some weirdass sticker that had myself and Foy in tears.



First saw this 15 as I rolled in, sitting super low and rolling on some awesome fitting Rota Grids. Found out later that it is owned by one of my mate Finn’s best mates, Pang. Unfortunatel,y the car is still auto, but that certainly doesn’t take away from the fact that it is killing it.




Last but not least is Finn’s green 180. To be honest I am actually a massive fan of the colour. So many 180s getting around these days it is hard to stand out, but having a green one is certainly the easiest way to do that. Rolling on some Work 11Rs which were sitting super well on the car and having been stripped and given the whole drift car interior, it is certainly on its way to a smoke filled life. However, today was not the start of that life due to this happening…


I guess that is what happens when you rock badass fitment when sliding. Finn will come back bigger and better, and for his fourth time out sliding he was carving up for the short time he could. Finn is also the owner of a crazy badass Evo IX which is fully track prepped running ARC gear, a FP Green turbo and everything under the sun to make it corner hard. So having the best of both track worlds is certainly something awesome. Massive props for doing it right as well.

As always, thanks for reading. Was a killer day, good to meet new friends and see old ones. There is nothing better than hanging with mates watching dope cars do what they certainly were not built for.