All Japan Day, an event that has been situated in Adelaide, South Australia for the past 4 years has finally come to Sydney. All Japan Day was originally suppose to take place in May, but due to the wet conditions unfortunately it was cancelled.

After a few months, the weather was looking promising, the date was set, location was approved & All Japan Day once again was all systems go!

The event was held at Silverwater Park, Silverwater which is just a 30min or so drive from Sydney’s CBD.

There were a wide variety of cars at the show ranging from classic to modern cars & from street to track/drift cars, although the AJD committee put together a few rules that needed to be followed to see if your car was eligible to enter or not. All the money raised from entry fees & donations from this event will be given to charity which just shows that it’s not about them, but for a good cause.

Featured above are two clean, yet aggressive Nissan Skyline GTR R34 street cars. The Bayside Blue R34 was rocking some V-Spec II add ons while the white R34 wore some Nismo Z-Tune add ons.

Occasionally you’d see people bringing┬áRC remote control cars, although this time there wasn’t very much concrete to play on as the event was held on grass.

This particular NOS tank was mounted in the boot of a Nissan Skyline R32 GTR which looked fairly stock exterior-wise if I recall correctly.

This S13 was powered by an SR20DE, as the owner is still on his Provisional 2 licence, he is restricted from driving “high performace” vehicles.

The entrants of All Japan Day were required to arrive early on the day & were only allowed to leave at a certain time. Some people weren’t able to meet the required times which resulted in them not entering their cars. There were a few cars parked in the carpark which caught my eye.

One of these was Kelvin’s Toyota Rukus lowered on some SSR Vienna Shalks.

This particular NA Mx5 was quite interesting to see. Although the MX5 is becoming more & more popular throughout the tuning scene, it is quite rare to see one with larger overfenders & fender mirrors here in Sydney.

One of the Classics at the show, an immaculate Toyota Sports 800.

There were so many clean cars ranging from old school to modern, one of which is this Toyota Corolla AE82 GT.

I must’ve spotted at least over 10 Skylines, ranging from the C10 to the R31s, 32s, 33s & 34s.

What’s an All Japan Day without the rising sun appearing somewhere right?

An immaculate Toyota Celica TA22 with historic registration.

Shane Standley’s Toyota Supra JZA80.

Champagne anyone?

There were so many people that came to the event. Some of which came prepared & brought some portable chairs. It was good to see parents bringing their kids along also, really what meets should be like. People having the same interests, not only that but also meeting new people.

Fonzy’s Bosozoku inspire Toyota Celica TA22, the photo explains itself really. Everytime this comes out of his garage there’s always something new done to it, in this case the long tall pipes & the rear has been lowered more.

Jon’s RPS13, I think he certainly tricked alot of people, one of those people being me. Why? Because on the left side of his car he had SSR Professor SP1s, but on the other side he had Enkei RFP1s.

The Tsurikawa, essential for a Kyusha styled car.

Kevin San’s also know as Babs/Babalouie on the forums, Nissan Skyline Hakosuka.

Some people came even more prepared bringing a gazebo food & drinks. Although if you were hungry or thirsty there was a cafe van that was selling drinks & food.

Here are a few of the Skylines that were entered in the show. This was towards the end of the event where someone from Skyline Australia setup the shot to take pictures.

This has got to be one of the cleanest & most well looked after panda Toyota Corolla AE86s I’ve seen here in Sydney.

Jun’s Toyota Corona Mark II

From street cars, to track cars, here’s a drift car. Drift Mob’s Nissan Silva S14 Kouki, a little something for everyone in this event.

This is what most meets should look like, all fun & games, laughter & smiles.

The event was quickly coming to an end, so I made the most of it. It was an awesome location so I asked Fonz to move his car away from the rest of the remaining cars to take some quick snaps. Those pipes just make me laugh everytime I see it. Before we headed off to the meet, Fonz & I would make jokes that the pipes would cause an accident one day due to people staring at it for too long & not concentrating on the road. Well guess what happens, we’re on the Motorway & a van almost hits a friend of ours, Jun that owns a Toyota Corona Mark II (4 pictures back).

Auszoku boys Fonz & Jun. This was a quick 10sec shoot as the gates need to be closed because Kat (one of the organisers for AJD Sydney) had a flight to catch.

What an awesome event it turned out to be I must say. The crowd, the vibe & the cars that turned up were just amazing. Hopefully there will be another All Japan Day in Sydney next year. Definitely one of the best meets I’ve been to so far, although it was humid throughout the day, it was well worth it.