Upon exiting the Harajuku Station you’re most likely going to spot some Harajuku Girls, and while I stopped for a photo, all I really cared about was the 5 figure plus sports car I saw in the first few seconds!

Downshift H21

Black Porsche, 911 Plates.

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Just because I had to; here’s Takeshita street (pretty much every foreigner takes a photo of this).

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The sound of this white Enzo going strapping it through Tokyo on aMonday afternoon was nothing short of incredible.

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It’s hard to follow an Enzo, but seriously, there were some very cool buses…

Downshift H14

Euro/JDM Golf – check the front license plates out.

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GTI… R? Extra badging is very common in Japan.

Downshift H17

Another Black Porsche, 911 Plates.

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AMG’s are like HSV’s in Tokyo.

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This Lexus CT200h will be available in Australia very soon!

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