One thing I promised myself before coming to America was that I was going to do my very best to find and experience the best of the local car community. Without a means of transportation, this is kind of difficult to do, so I set out to find an event large enough to warrant the expenditure of hiring a car and venturing out. After about an hour of googling I came across Sibling Rivalry 7 – exactly what I was looking for – an event dedicated to the “rivalry” between Scion, Toyota and Lexus.

The event drew all sorts from Hondas to American muscle, to BMWs and other euros. The first group to arrive on the day were the guys from Version2Laboratory who proceeded to set themselves up and give their cars that final detail.

Out of all the cars at the event, this Civic (Version2Labs) would have to be my favourite.

I wish these were 1. Sold (from Holden dealerships) in Australia, 2. As cheap as they are here in the US.

Had to be at least one GT-R.

“High Maintenance” – in the back of this Scion TC was everything you’d need to start a hairdressing salon.

As much as I love the Japanese cars, it was really nice to see some Euros out – especially this Volvo C30R

Numerous car alarms were set off thanks to the pure thunder coming out of the back of this Camaro…

…and if the Camaro failed, this Charger picked up the slack.

SR7, brought to you by Panda Express (amongst others)!

What car event is complete without a DJ and break dancers?

Hard Top S2k – one for Matyi.

Turbo anyone?


It was an awesome night and well worth the drive up to Jacksonville. Everyone on the night was there for a good time and appreciation, no foolishness at all – although perhaps this has something to do with the police patiently waiting at the exit of the parking garage at the conclusion of the night. Definitely a well organised and executed event.

One of the guys decided to leave some sharpies out for anyone to tag his front bumper (awesome idea) so I thought I’d throw this on there…