Car clean: Check. Drinks and sausages packed: Check. Perfect weather requested: Check. All systems were go for the late July Downshift meet.

The barbecue was fired up, the DJ was pumping the tunes and the trade stalls were set up. Big shout out to Field-Garage for bringing some of their projects.

Rossi’ force fed 350 was a spectacular sight. Feature of his car HERE.

CDR Paint and Panel showing off their skills on this ST204 Celica. They know their stuff.

Like every meet, DS stickers and shirts being sold like they were going out of fashion.

…much like those sunnies. PPlatermods have been very supportive of the meets, lending a helping hand.

The first couple of Downshift meets at Rocklea Showgrounds saw a larger number favoring JDM cars. However lately, there has been much more variety.

This Benz was ultra clean, showing that even in stock form and age, it is enjoyed and respected.

MK3 and MK1 thanks to the guys from VWWatercooled.

One of the very few muscle cars making an appearance at the meet. Much love for the Camaro.

Some interesting and desirable 2-wheelers were present as well.

While still being quite an uncommon sight, this FT86 drew even more attention with the factory optioned aero-kit.

These three GT-Rs drew the crowds, but patience paid off and I was able to get a clean shot.

Ohh how I do…

Bobby’s S2000 is aimed for optimum handling with additional aero gear.

This is what we like to see, guys crowding around an open bonnet, true representation of the car community.

Mark from StreetFX bringing all 3 of his toys for us to admire.

Finally, the Downshift crew would like to thank everyone that came for behaving themselves. This shows you want to embrace and support the true car community.

The plans for the next meet are already in motion, so we’ll see you all there!

Didnt see your car? Check my Flickr or the event gallery thread on the forums.

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