My name is Amaury Laparra, and I’m a Paris-based student and photographer.

I first discovered my passion for photography while studying in the Louvre Art School of Paris. Shooting initially for my own pleasure, I now work for private clients in the automotive field, but also for jewellery. I am currently continuing my studies of interior architecture and design in Paris, a city that I love.

In my pictures, I always try to blend my two passions, cars and architecture, in a way to emphasize at the same time the beauty of a place, and the beauty of a car, modern or classic!

Most of the time, I’m shooting at night, because there is no traffic and almost no one outside and it’s empty, calm and beautifully lit up. Imagine leaving home at 5am, in a Ferrari 308GTB, sun rising up behind the river Seine, and a blue light slowly spreading on the Parisian architecture.

Being in an iconic car always lends a lot more atmosphere and the feelings you can have in a place: the engine sound, the smell of gas and leather, the uncomfortable seats and the fresh air coming in from the tiny windows.. So when there’s only you, a friend and the car in that setting, that’s magical.

Actually shooting at night time is fun, wherever you are.. here in Paris, that’s not a legend, everyone is stressed from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m, that’s the mess everywhere, drivers are in a rush and often angry.. But when the night is there, everything’s quiet and relaxing. When shooting a car at night, you can take as much time as you want, find a particular place you could not even go during the day, and everything is so intense that when it finished, it seems you lived something really unique and precious.

I remember after shooting the Porsche 930 at 5am on a sunday morning, we went to the Cité Island, in the middle of the capital, when we had a breakfast at 6am when the sun was rising. Everything was so peaceful, particularly in August! Like a lot of cities, Paris might have another side to discover at night where everyone’s asleep.

For more of my work, feel free to check out my portfolio: