Loz from Hardtuned.net organised an exclusive track day for those in the know. Never having raced at Norwell before, I thought I’d give it a go. The venue was the Holden Driving Centre, and the track was quite an interesting layout, with both high and low speed corners. I definitely think I have along way to improve, but I didn’t do too badly, beating quite a few cars for quickest laptime. Here are the full results. Images are courtesy of Eddie, who joined me on the day.

Most of the rides were Nissans in various states of tune, from mild to hardcore.

The turbo on this was MUCH bigger than my head. Unfortunately the car seemed to be having some wiring issues on the day, so didn’t get a chance to see it tearing up.

Some of the cars out were absolutely EPIC. Nick with his 997 turbo, rocking a mixed Vorsteiner and Techart body kit. This shot was post-skidpan.

GT3 RS out doing what it does best. Check out the front clearance under braking, crazy.

Not your usual track car, but nonetheless the owner of this V8 Vantage had serious pace on the track. Posting some very fast lap times.

Dan Batchelor’s mint S15. One of the first cars I have seen in Queensland rocking the new Work Meister S1R’s, they definitely look the goods.

It may look very subtle, but this Evo VI was one of the fastest cars on the day.

Sean’s Ford Anglia with an NA SR20 and weighing just under a tonne with Sean in the driver seat. Good to see you out again mate.

Not every day you get to see something this rare. A genuine HDT VE Group A SS ‘Blue Meanie’. Easily one of the best sounding cars I have ever heard.

Loz’s S14, sporting satin pearl white paintjob.

Great drift demo by Levi after having an unlucky morning with his Soarer.

Ash came out with his K20 EG with ITBs. He placed 7th overall, out of the whole field. Awesome times man!

We even managed to drag Rory out of his cave! I think he was all over the cruise/rolling drag part of the day, surprising many cars in his Golf.

Yours truly giving the skidpan a go.


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