[Matyi: Our newest contributor Ferdinand got out to Lakeside Park. Enjoy the coverage!]

Ok, so to be honest, Im not a huge fan of Custom cars or Hot Rods, but arriving at Lakeside for the Annual Hot Rods, Customs and Kits Event, I realized that my view would soon change.

Being “escorted” into the pits by a FORD GT40 set my expectations pretty high…

…only to be topped with another one joining later that day.

A large variety of cars attended the day, from custom hot rods…

…to a stable of mustangs…

…to a nest of cobras.

Don’t worry Im out of collective nouns. The day was a great way to show off your pride and joy.

The rules, thankfully, also allowed you to have some fun with the day, even if your pride and joy does only come out once a year to say “hello”.

Friendly drags and a small slalom circuit were organised for this purpose.

While it was amazing to hear the roar from the tuned GT40 V8, the owner was having issues putting the down. Too much wheel spin?

This was my first meet of this type in quite a while and I have to say, I will be attending future ones! It had a great atmosphere…

… people

… music

… and all the automotive juiciness.

That’s really all you need for a great Sunday afternoon. Finally Im just going to leave this here: GT500, but some of us know her as Eleanor.

More images from the day are HERE.


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