The combined meet through the guys from House of Stance and was held on Sunday at Sydney Speedway. Star attraction of the meet was US Import Model Nikita Esco, with people able to get a shoot with their car and Nikita for $120. There was a good turnout for a meet that was organised on short notice – one car park was full and the grass area had close to a dozen rows of cars.

Alfa was there with his signature stance and 24k gold wheels.

BBS wheels seem to be taking off in Sydney, with a large number of cars running them now. This S14 built by RAW works and part of the House of Stance crew was a prime example.

The refurbished chrome lips, white spokes and gold bolts are a perfect combination.

Sergio from the All Stars brought out his well known S15 running a new set of wheels.

One of the cleanest MR2s in Sydney. Smooth gunmetal grey, SSR wheels, CF mirrors and a set of Alcon brakes. Shame you don’t see many MR2s in this state!

This very bright 180SX made the trip down from Newcastle to attend the meet (minimum a 2 hour drive). On the way his exhaust fell off due to the car being quite low. He said he had to pull it off the hangers on the side of the road so he could get to the meet! Dedication.

But on to the next theme. A matte grey wrapped Scriocco R on ADV1 wheels and AP Racing brakes. This car just looks mean with the grey and the black wheels.

A car that is very California inspired, right down the fake plates. Volkswagen VR6 Bora on a set of Corvette C5 wheels, or Sawblades as people call them. This would be such a perfect daily or a cruiser.

Another very USDM-inspired car is this EG civic from Built to order. The hot pink, black and white theme runs throughout the whole car, including the shaved and wiretucked bay as well. Custom set of wheels from Built to Order.

Nico’s NSX, formerly known as NSX GT, now has the plates ALIENS and all the stickers are gone. Still looks as good as it did when it was on the cover of Autosalon Magazine.

Don’t see too many modified Mirages these days, let alone ones this clean.

More BBS wheels for you on this clean EK Civic!

Running some sweet camber on the back wheels. Civics in general look great with just a drop and a nice set of wheels.

More people need to start modifying Mazda 3s. This one looks awesome in black and with the chrome SSR Meisters!

John Ha’s MX-5 is easily one of the most recognizable in Sydney, with its aqua paint, gold Work wheels and the low stance, it’s hard to miss it.

XXR wheels seem to suit Subarus, especially WRXs. This white 2005 WRX looks awesome on the XXRs that fill the guards perfectly.

White convertible E30, black leather and BBS wheels. Yum.

Boss status Lexus GS300 from House of Stance crew, running a custom set of Built To Order wheels.

Was a great meet with heaps of cars attending, but ran smoothly despite that. Lets hope more of these are coming in the future and with even more cars turning up.

And to end with, a couple more cars that stood out on the day.

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