So after some last minute changes, Ben, Simon and myself did not end up going with some of the other guys from the Downshift crew to the Showcased meet in Sydney on the 30 June. Instead, we headed out to Lakeside Raceway to check out the Porsche Club of Queensland hit up the track!

The morning greeted us with amazing weather and some one-off cars.

The long hoods, being quite rare, made an appearance, both classic and elegant.

This 997 Cup Car, looking unfunctionaly low in the pits…

… later proved us all wrong when it first started up.

And left me with goose bumps howling down the main straight.

This GTR joined the game with some turbos.

The Porsche Club events never disappoint and every meet reconfirms why they are such a loved manufacturer.

To wrap up a great day out, I drove back in Ben’s E30 M42 turbo – a car we will be doing a feature on very shortly. Look out for it!

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