Whilst in Sydney, we at Downshift had the opportunity to visit an incredible workshop, City Performance Centre. In this garage were some MINDBLOWING cars, not to mention the vehicles being worked on in the carpark! A full feature of City Performance Centre is on its way.

Whilst we were there, I couldn’t stop staring at this beautifully immaculate 1978 Porsche 911SC coupe.


After having a chat with the owner, I asked if I could do a feature on it. We managed to wrangle our way into a loading dock of a nearby business and I got to work.

The car is an original Australian delivered 911SC in Arrow Blue (J3J3). There were only 6 of these cars delivered to Australia in Arrow Blue in ’78 (info from a reputable Porsche source), making this vehicle very rare!



Looking over the car, the majority of it appears to be as it rolls off the factory floor. It even has the original Porsche Blaupunkt Bamberg tape deck still fitted. These are usually pulled out in favour of more modern equipment, however for originality, this has been retained. To make the car more daily, it has been discretely modified behind the dash for MP3 capabilities.


As my German is not quite up to scratch (see: I don’t know any) I had to ask what the gauge on the left was referring to. I assumed it was oil for both temperature and pressure, and I was correct.


The 911 SC does not sacrifice comfort for performance. The interior is as delivered with re-trimmed front seats in perforated leather as original.


Mechanically its a 3.0L, 5 speed manual with LSD as ordered by the first owner. The airbox LeMans decal is original, however restored by Auto Grafik.


The original wheels have been upgraded in size and style…


…but are still period-correct. They are BBS RS 055 and RS 012 in 16×7 (front) and 16×9 (rear). Imported direct from Germany, these wheels took about 2 years to source!


The side script decal is a custom job, again from Auto Grafik.


This car is has been incredibly looked after. The attention to detail is amazing.




A huge thank you to the owner for giving me the opportunity to shoot an icon of Porsche motoring history. Much appreciated!

Stay tuned for more Sydney coverage to come, including the full City Performance Centre feature.


– Dan

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