Back in June I attended the Porsche Club of Queensland’s annual concourse day. While the PCQ is a very active motorsport-orientated club with many track days held throughout the year, this day was different. On this day, there were no extra tyres brought along, instead fold out chairs were packed, no canisters of fuel brimmed to the top, instead baskets brimmed with cheese and crackers and not a single car was brought on the back of a trailer!


Porsches of many ages and types were brought along on the day and each judged and admired under their different year models.


This immaculate 356 immediately grabbed my attention. Not many were delivered to Australia, but to see one in this condition was a treat. What many people don’t actually know is that Dr. Porsche gave the 356 his own name, “Ferdinand”.


While many make continuous jokes about Porsche’s designs through time and the lack of variation through different models, it is those with a finer eye to attention that will pick up that Porsche is all about being subtle and simplistic.



While at one time it was very desirable to attach the body parts of a later, more modern 911, now those that have been unmolested are becoming much more sought after. The long hoods are one of these design changes, where many opted to change them to the later US impact bumpers.


Previous photo displays the long hood. Photo below the updated impact bumper. Which one do you prefer?


However there is one change that occurred in the history of Porsche that has an even larger impact on the image of the company: the change from aircooled to watercooled.


This is probably not something you want to bring up at the dinner table among fellow Porsche purists. While they do acknowledge it was a necessarily step for the company to follow, much like the discussion of the new 991 GT3, “the old way was just better”.


Like with any system, with every component that is added, it brings its own risk of failing. This is one strong belief as to why the aircooled 911s are so reliable. The engine setup while still advanced for the time, was simplified. The 993 911 was the last aircooled model to leave the factory floor. It is also one of the most desirable because of this, with specific models being even more sought after, especially the turbo.



With so many amazing specimens on display, it was really hard to pick a favourite. Im sure if I had the eyes of the adjudicator it might have been a bit easier. These guys were definitly from the Fatherland, with attention to detail and high-level of critique.


But even they couldnt fault one car… the Carrera GT.


To see this in the flesh, was definitely one of my childhood dreams.




Once again, it was very worthwhile to attend an event held by PCQ, never failing to deliver a great experience. I’ll leave you with a personal favorite of mine and until next time, thanks for reading.


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