While there is always a lot of controversy covering it, Formula 1 is undeniably the highest rated Motorsport on this planet. The assortment of driver skills, cutting edge automotive engineering and the ability to race on tracks all around the world is what makes this Motorsport so entertaining and addictive to follow. Eagerly watching each race now for several years, I have not attended a single F1 race. However, hearing the decision for radical powertrain changes from an NA screaming V8, to a Turbo 6, took me both by shock and amazement, that F1 was going back to the turbo era. This also gave me enough motivation to organise heading down to Albert Park in Melbourne and spectating the Grand Prix.

After landing in Tullamarine Airport and dropping my belongings off the hostel, I headed to Doncaster BMW, where I was to pick up my tickets for the GP.


Having just undergone a complete renovation, the dealership in Doncaster is now the third largest in the world, only just underneath the sale area required for the market in Dubai. With a large focus on energy efficiency and renewable energy and material; the use of large double glazed windows for natural lighting, intelligent material use (recycled, along with temperature regulation) and low energy consumption equipment can be noted all throughout the space, make this dealership now a model for any future buildings to house the vehicles of Southern Germany.


I truly love my Bayernish-produced automobiles, so being in this state of the art dealership, was paradise.


With such a large dealership, the floor space has to be managed extraordinarily well, but it is not just enough to fill it up with vehicles, but it should also present a welcoming atmosphere. Comfortable seating arrangements and an abondence of quality coffee, adds those small luxuries while you decide on which colour leather you should choose.


While BMW produce a huge variety of cars, from the hyper-miler diesel 1 series to one of the most outrageous executive salons, the 750Li. However, tets be honest, we here at Downshift are truly interested in that vehicle with the addition of “M” as a prefix.
Doncaster made it easy to locate all these cars, by dedicating a sector of the dealership to “BMW INDIVIDUAL”.

A large feature wall showcasing the evolution of the M Class lures you over. As most performance sectors of a motor vehicle company range from Motorsport itself, BMW is no different, presenting you with the latest cutting edge technology and performance changes brought down from through countless brutal hours on the race track.
In this area, clients will come to discuss not just performance related aspects, but also if they want to make their car that much more unique to them.
Ranging from different BMW signature exterior paints to variations of the dash pattern and interior design, the customisation is endless.
While not so common here in Australia, it is a very large market in Dubai, whereby Im sure weve all seen images of outrageous body kits and what we would consider over the top interiors were actually factory delivered from BMW as requested from the client.

One of the cars featured in this area of the dealership, was the 2013 M6. Now running a twin turbo V8 producing 549HP. it is still the executive monster, even if it has lost the V10 due to emissions and a more efficient setup. And it shows, the old V10 consumed close to 15L/100km, yet the new configuration creates 60HP more but with a reduction of 40% in fuel usage. Sometimes you just cant argue with progression. However the M6 has had some subtle changes made…

… such as the complete LED headlights, not just Daytime Running Lights(DRLs) that both it and the X5 share. Another means of indirectly reducing consumption, this of course means youll have more fuel for when you right foot has a mind of its own.

Strolling around the dealership, it was scattered with one off master-pieces

Starting off with this “Frozen Grey” 6 Series…



and of course M3s in an assortment of different colours.




Noting the exhaust tone of this particular M3, I knew I was in for a treat…

The very rare and lightweight variant of the E46 M3, the CSL. Just freshly coming out of the wash and complete detail as compliments for the maintenance service being undertaken at the dealership.

After getting an eye-full of dealership and new models on display, my ears deserved some theater and I was dropped off back in the city in the following…


While Im a big fan of my European classics, its always astonishing to see what is being released in the new market, noting the development that has gone on over the years, yet still holding true to an original concept.

Continue to Part 2, the wrap-up of the Australian Grand Prix!

Download Sample 1600x1067

Download Sample 1600×1067

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