Waking up early in winter is not always the easiest thing to do, especially if it is for work or some form of animal making an ungodly noise. But when you are waking up in the freezing cold, before the sun is up to drive out to the racetrack with your mates and have a blast in the morning, well that is what I call a worthy reason.


We held another of our popular Circuit and Coffee mornings recently, with the tickets selling out a week prior to the event we were all pumped for the morning. We run it from 7am till 9am and that includes an hour of track time and a full course breakfast for the drivers after they are done tearing up Queensland Raceway. Having it finish up so early gives everyone the rest of the day to do whatever it is they have to do. It is certainly one of the BEST ways you can spend a cold weekend morning.


Alan brought out his flawless Maloo R8 for the morning blast. Rolling on some custom SSR Professor SP1s and now supporting a 454ci LSX with Harrop ITBs.



Was good to see a few Hondas roll out for the morning as well, both of these are running motor swaps which is a common undertaking the Honda scene. Michaels yellow DC2 is running a K24/20 on E85 and Connors Eg has a H22A swapped under the hood.



A good mate of mine Brad brought his mental 13b RX3 out for some fun. I hitched a ride with him for the first session and was scared shitless the entire time. Something about leaf springs, a 40yr old car, the odd tipping feeling and 570rwhp is one scary mixture.




Rossi decided to bring his 350z out, now rocking a built motor and one dead sexy HKS T51R under the bonnet.





Kane from Club High Rollers and his S14a were carving up all morning. Making over 500rwhp it is easy to see why.



Such a huge variety of cars turn up for the morning runs, including this little Datsun Sedan built by DTP Motorsport. It actually has a full Honda S2000 F20C swap under the bonnet. The intricacy of this build is beyond measure, it is truly amazing.




There were a bunch of big gun GTRs that were preying on the field as well, the most notable being Braithes R32 GTR ‘GTR GOD’. Rocking a full HKS RB28 stroker, T04z, OS Giken dogbox and everything else under the sun it was destroying everything.





It was an awesome morning out and we all had a blast and got nothing but awesome feed back from everyone, Chris managed to put half of his torso out of the window on the drive home and grab a couple of shots of the DS Crew.




The next Circuit & Coffee has already been announced, it will be held on Sunday the 21st of July. The flyer is out and tickets are being snapped up fast, I suggest jumping on this one ASAP.


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