In only its second year The-Lowdown‘s Showcased is turning into the biggest and best JDM car show in Australia. This year it was at a new venue, the Australian Technology Park Exhibition Hall in Eveleigh. Surrounded by old industrial locomotive machines were some of the best cars Australia has to offer in the import scene. With a number of car crews such as House of Stance, Stance Slutz, Team Agentz and Acquired Taste all entering cars, you knew it was going to be a good show.

This ultra clean R32 GT-R on centre stage caught my eye straight away. Stock bodied R32s always look better in my opinion. The RPF-1 wheels and the rear diffuser complement the car perfectly.


A number of the House of Stance cars went through changes prior to Showcased. Joshua with the ‘DAE84K’ R32 Golf changed his wheels from Alphards to the very popular BBS RS. New bolt on flares were attached, and a new wrap in the vibrant blue above. Joshua’s car won the award for Best Stance at Showcased 2013.


The BLA57N S14 also had a set of BBS RS wheels and a new cream wrap applied.


One of the interstate cars was Jake’s YLD15. Volk GT-Cs are still a popular wheel, and for a good reason.


David’s ‘34LAI’ R34 Skyline GT-R won the Best JDM award and you can see why. The R34 is another timeless shape, especially with the midnight purple paint. The 19″ SSR SP1 wheels suit the car so well, not to mention the insane new Voltex rear wing.


Not the normal modification route you see on a Subaru. This bagged and notched ’99 CG8 RS Impreza came all the way from Adelaide for Showcased, running a set of BBS RSs in 16×10″.


Clean Nissan S14s are always good to see. BIGM4K is a perfect example of how sometimes less is more.


There aren’t many tastefully modified IS200s in Australia. This would be the perfect cruiser car: clean body mods, nice set of wheels and a great colour.


Showcased was not just low and stanced cars. This looked very menacing with big rubber and a huge front splitter.


Who doesn’t like big powered R32 GT-Rs? This stunning grey GT-R was built by Dahtone Racing and is running a fully worked RB26 motor. Match that with some awesome Equip 05s and that crazy front lip and this was certainly a favorite of mine.


Two members of the Stance Slutz: a very, VERY low S2000 on SSR wheels and a clean E46 BMW.


Jayson Fong from Form & Function also smashed out a set of awesome photos at Showcased 2013.


The BATM4N Lamborghini is a very popular car. Hearing it scream on the dyno was something else though.


Even if you are a P Plater you can still have an awesome car, this bug eye wrx proves that. Simple modifications like coil overs, foglight tint, front lip and a nice set of wheels like these BBS LMs make a huge difference. Good to see not all young people buy XXRs or Rotas.


The JR Racing Toyota 86 with the Rocket Bunny Kit won best of Show, much to the dislike of people on the internet.


Mitsubishi Evos are still very popular and you can see why. The body shape is still an awesome design. A set of nice wheels and some simple body add ons work on the car so well.


An EF Honda Civic sedan is not something you see modified in Australia much. These cars are normally seen in Japan or USA. This example has leaned more towards the USDM style with the detailed engine bay, flashy paint and low ride height. Shame it’s running Mugen M7 copies.


A Trueno sedan with an F20C motor anyone? It is good to see people are still modifying and taking care of the old school Japanese cars.


Ever popular FD shape is still getting some love. Hard to miss this bright yellow example that was in The-Lowdown stand.


Another year down for The-Lowdown and their Showcased event, and what a show it was! New indoor venue, more high quality cars, awesome food and music as well. Lets hope Showcased 2014 is as good as this one!



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