Onto the second part of MotorEx2013. I would like to begin with one of the craziest stories of dedication, perfection and persistence I have heard. This is a 1972 Holden Monaro GTS Coupe dubbed “Marilyn” owned by Karen Keeves, unveiled in 2011 after a three year ground-up restoration. It went back into the shop after MotorEx 2011 for “minor changes” and then unveiled again in 2012.


The car was stripped down again with the undercarriage, exhaust system, interior, engine bay and engine all being modified again. A custom front grille, tail lights, exhaust, billet pedals, radiator, centre console and a lot more were made for the car, which was also put on a rotisserie so the undercarriage could be painted in the new red and black. Engine and interior also got repainted. If this is what minor changes are, I do not know what extensive changes would be!!


The engine is a 6.2L LS3 V8 6 Speed, with around 560HP. The engine itself was welded to create a smooth finish, just like the engine bay. A set of one-off custom-made trumpets were fitted to the engine as well. The idea behind the engine in Karen’s words: “The engine bay was something I was passionate about; all I wanted to see was an engine, almost as if it didn’t run”.


It is outstanding the levels people go to to achieve perfection at MotorEx. This Monaro was already an elite-level restored car, Street Machine cover car and had multiple MotorEx awards to its name.


But MotorEx is not just about elite-level cars, and the show has a mix of cars for everyone. Rotaries, Australian and American muscle, race cars, street cars and Japanese cars all make an appearance.¬†Starting with rotaries, we have this Mazda R100 with a turbo 13B painted by 2SUS custom resprays. It’s rocking a set of Simmons of course.


For Australian muscle, we have THOR, a 1969 Holden HT Monaro, sprayed in Barbados green, 308ci engine, 18×6 and 18×10 Weld wheels and a smoothed engine bay.


Keeping with the Australian theme, we have Leigh Kenney’s 1988 VL Calais Turbo (with heavy emphasis on TURBO). It’s still sporting the RB30 motor, but now with a GTX4294R Turbo and 787hp at the rears.


There are always high quality Japanese cars at MotorEx as well. Bodyform were displaying their FD RX7 Type RS owned by Rami Sadi, running a 13B single turbo with 425hp at 18psi.


Good thing about MotorEx is that wherever you look, there are cars for everyone. Just across from the above RX7 was the Nissan Z Club and they had an original, mint S30 240Z.


Keeping with the Nissans, but on a different theme we have the ADVAN Motorsport R33 GTR, called GRACER. This beast has been around the scene forever, and has over $150,000 in modifications. It’s now for sale at $75,000.


One thing about MotorEx is that people go to extensive lengths on their cars and the detail work. Check out this hand-made and fabricated dash, centre console, pedal set up and interior panels in WILD CAD.


Custom made one-off trumpets that are exposed through the bonnet.


Even the wheels and brakes are giving the same attention to detail. Custom inserts painted to match the colour of the car and chromed brake calipers.


Swinging around, there are always classic hot rods at the show as well. This 1932 3 window coupe called A Deuce built by Deuce Customs was a popular car at the show.


BOYDSTER was a car you could not miss at MotorEx 2013. It stood out with a custom HOK Tangerine Orange over candy pearl, chromed 350 Chev motor with custom painted trumpets, and even flames on the undercarriage.


MotorEx for the past couple of years has had the Real Street Boulevard outside the main hall. Real Street is a mixture of JDM cars on show for the public before entering the show. Want to say thank you to Joseph Hui of J_Hui Design / Photography for letting me use his photos. We have Anth’s very clean R32 GT-R, built by Dahtone Racing.


ISON Industries had their freshly built EG Civic on show. This was mixture of JDM and USDM styles, a smoothed and tucked bay, Recaros, Takatas, cream paintjob and of course, VERY low.


Built To Order had a number of cars in Real Street and inside the show as well. This Nissan S15 is sitting on custom finished VIP Modular VRC13s.


Zen Garage and All Stars had their Maloo ute on show again. Still very different to see a aussie muscle car modified with JDM influences.


Even classic Ferraris made the show at Real Street.


Mmmmm, GT3 RS.



Another huge show for MotorEx. Big name guest, twelve more elite cars unveiled, show extended to three days and bigger crowds. Here’s hoping 2014 is just as good!


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