So Matyi called me up on a boring Wednesday with some interesting news. “Hey, I know you like your Euros, so figured you’d get a kick out of these cars”. And if it’s one thing I know about Matyi, he delivers!


Welcome and may I present to you, Evan’s Lotus Exige


…James’ Cup 260…


And Matt’s Exige Scura Edition.


To the untrained and uneducated eye, these Loti look quite similar. Very curvy bodies, extreme aero, minimalistic yet super effective design principles. However, there is quite a lot that set these three apart.


So lets start with James’ Cup 260: it is common knowledge that the Lotus Exige is a cornering monster, a car taken back to the basics, removing any distractions to the driver, trying to offer the purest driving sensation. With an MR layout and a highly responsive supercharged Toyota 2ZZ-GE this car (as one would guess) outputs about 260hp. In a car weighing in at only 890kg, this equates to a C63 AMG or a 420HP R32 GTR. So with straight line acceleration covered, this Cup edition goes further as it is designed for track use.


More aggressive aero, with a larger than normal carbon fiber front splitter and a wing that looks like its been taken from Lotus’ F1 car, let you know that James means business when he’s out on the track. Luckily, the Exiges are equipped with AP Racing 6 piston brakes up front, allowing for maximum bite when the middle pedal is depressed suddenly.


Along with a complete race prepped interior featuring a full cage, carbon fiber dash and some unbelievably comfortable yet supportive bucket seats, the Cup 260 also has a complete fire extinguisher and electric cut off switch ready for marshals to deploy on the outside in case an unfortunate event ever were to occur.



James previously owned a high powered Lancer Evolution, but says he is very happy with the change he made – he now feels like he’s actually driving the car, rather than just going along for a joy ride. As Lotus has been developing the Exige for quite a long time now, they are continually improving on past models with regards to maximum driver feedback and involvement. In a time of ever-increasing technology and demand for driveablity, it is reassuring to see that a few manufacturers are still making a car for the die-hard motoring enthusiast.


It’s actually Evan that I have to thank for this great opportunity. He gathered up some amazing cars for me to shoot including his own Exige, which Matyi did a feature on earlier this year.


A true motoring enthusiast, paying his respects to the late Paul Walker.



Finally we move onto Matt’s Exige Scura Edition. I’ll be honest, when I saw it I just thought to myself “well that’s a sweet paint job”. I’ll admit, I’m a novice. I was quickly informed by Matt that the Scura was a limited production run of the Exige with only 35 ever being produced and of which only 3 ever made it to Australia.



The Scura features the same engine as Jame’s Cup 260, however it is fitted with a bit more kit. Ohlins 2-ways, variable slip control and forged Lotus wheels allow it to make maximum use of all the power on tap. Matt also takes the Scura out on track days regularly and mentioned a slight feeling of satisfaction when he’s able to pass LFAs on the track. When you consider that Lotus pride themselves on minimal driver aids, that must be quite a feeling of accomplishment to achieve such a task.



Matt confirmed, as Evan and James before him, that there is simply no comparison to driving a Lotus and that everyone should be given the opportunity to drive one. To quote a certain great automotive journalist, “it is a road-going go kart”. Given the choice of a 600hp GT-R or his Exige, Matt would choose the Lotus every time, despite having driven his share of high-powered supercars. “There is nothing as direct as this car, you know you’re always in control of it, because YOU are in control, not some fancy computer doing all the fun bits for you”.



To wrap up, I think these cars demonstrate an accurate direction of where the automotive scene in Australia needs to head. With ever-tightening road laws addressing speeding and modifications, more people will find themselves hitting the track to get their adrenaline fix. These cars are the best of both worlds: they have very usable yet powerful enough drivetrains to make them competitive on the track, while not being over the top so they can still be used as an enjoyable drive through the mountains on a late Sunday afternoon. More importantly, they are bringing a very old and methodological philosophy with them: simplicity works.



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