This month’s event at Beenleigh Showgrounds was once again a solid turnout. One of our fans Darryl submitted a set of his photos for us to publish, so here are some of the highlights.

I’ve always loved this S15.. Anyone know what wheels they are?

Old school cool, Datto 1600

Im’m glad more girls are getting into the car scene!

Evo squad

I chose this R32 to be the featured image. The green is such an unexpected colour, and just makes those giant white 3-piece Meisters pop!

We usually get a couple of exotics too.

Focus RS – legendary.

Top 3 most beautiful Japanese cars ever made? Yes.

Sometimes, simple and classic is best. Can’t go wrong with Meisters!

Ready for huge wheels to fill those wide guards!

The period-correct Blitz Z1s look right at home on this R33 GTR.

Trev’s R32 GTR is such a beast!

I had a 3-door one of these first-gen Civics for a little while. Coolest little car!

Mitsubishi GTO/3000GTs are not super common, yet were Mitsubishi’s answer to the Supra back in the 90s. 4-wheel drive, 4-wheel steer and a 3L twin turbo V6 meant that they were packed full of technology.

Rhys’ S2000 is a continuously evolving project. We hear there are big things coming for it!

Don’t see too many FC3Ss around these days!

Stay tuned for next month’s meet, back on the northside!

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