I got a tip off from one of my friends here in Vietnam about some motorbike racing that was taking place over the weekend, so I decided to head out of the city yesterday and take my camera with me.

After an hour of solid riding through unpredictable traffic, I made it to the track 30kms out of the city with my friend Manh. The noise of super-loud small capacity engines immediately hit our ears.

We paid our dues then went inside to check it out, just as 2 dudes on completely stripped scooters blasted past us on the tarmac, not 10m away from our faces!!

With a 201-metre (1/8 mile) track, it’s not a long track, but they were covering that distance incredibly quickly. Not surprising given that these machines weigh next to nothing!

While we’re talking 110cc scooters, they are modded to the shithouse, and the guys have real trouble keeping the fronts on the ground, despite leaning forward as far as possible.

… and keeping them straight.

Check out this beast. No panels, no worries! He’s sitting literally on a frame.

Extended chain/swingarm, drag tyres

Thai style

These guys are always on the ragged edge. With so many close calls, I have no idea how I didn’t see a single person lose it.

Thanks to Manh for taking me out!

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