After flying in on Saturday daytime and checking out NoEqual’s Tea & Tyres, I was excited for Sunday’s Kiss of the Horizon event, hosted by Backwheels Bitches.

Cruising out of KL in Kepet’s slammed S15 was an experience in itself, the undercarriage scraping over everything. We rocked up to a highway stop that we covered on our instagram, and had a bite to eat with a bunch of other guys.

I was privileged enough to be offered a ride up to Genting Highland in Ifwat’s genuine Mugen RR, which I did a quick feature on. Very special, and incredibly capable!

This rad little MX-5/Miata also appeared in the Tea & Tyres article earlier.

Quite a few Schassis up on the highlands!

This thing was absolutely WILD. Loved it!

A bunch of domestic cars also made an appearance, in various stages of modification.

While the CR-Z Hybrid wasn’t popular in Australia, it certainly was in many other markets around the world.

Super cool old Japanese cop car!

Drifter Ivan Choo also turned up in his full-race-prepped twin turbo, caged 350Z. I don’t think this thing was even remotely close to being road legal.

Blue on one side, red on the other!

This thing was SO sick with its works flares and tiny gumball wheels!

Possibly the best combination there is. Bronze concave legit TE37s on gunmetal BNR32. The end.

Something incredibly cool about old school Starlets…

…let alone when they have giant old school flares!

I’ve always loved KE70s, especially in red.

Channelling shakotan in Malaysia!

Kevlar everywhere.

Solid meet!!

This Evo X really turned heads.

Not just because of it’s widebody kit and original flat grey paint…

… but because of how insane it sounded!

Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea, but I enjoyed seeing this little Proton.

Especially on these crazy gold wheels!

I once had one of these Celicas for less than 24 hours before I blew up the motor in it. Luckily this one was in better condition!

This Corona looked pretty tame on the outside…

… and then I saw its engine bay. Holy shit. So clean you could eat off it!

Another gorgeous TTA22 Celica, this time on more modern Blitz Technospeed Z1s.

I also got some live video of the event itself, posted to our page. Check it out!

All in all, a superb meet. Thanks guys!!

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