High Speed, Flames, the familiar growl of a 20B? It can only mean one thing, Matt Cole’s RX7 is out in force.

As a photographer you get to experience and photograph a myriad of exotic cars, from sleek European marques to American V8 muscle. One car that predominately steals all the attention is the MC towing RX7. It can’t be helped, any car that can expel flames longer than the average human male’s leg and have the kind of looks that would make Charlize Theron jealous deserves respect. And while we are on the subject of respect, not only is Matt the wheel man but he is also the chief mechanic. 99% of all the work conducted begins and ends with the owners own two hands. However there has to be a special mention of Matt’s friends who are always more than happy to lend a hand when required. During this particular outing, one friend was helping with keeping the car fuelled and cool between stints and later in the day another mate was there to deliver drinks and help out with general maintenance. Being around this car and in the company of Matt, you can’t help but want to jump in and lend a hand just to be a part of the experience.

But lets not get ahead of ourselves. The RX7 in question first came in to Matt’s possession through a friend. The car was originally purchased with the idea of being a road legal cruiser but after a while, the racing bug bit and bit hard. Since deciding to race, the RX7 has competed in events such as WTAC, Nulon Nationals, Rally sprint and many others. The day I was there, Matt was collecting his 1st place trophy from last year and was fortunate to place 1st in his class and third out right. Not bad for the car not being a race built vehicle.

As for the mechanics of this racing icon, here is a list of some of what has been fitted:

  • Complete Microtech ECU with data logging and dash.
  • Modified VL radiator V- mounted with 2 engine oil coolers, vibrant intercooler.
  • S369sxe turbo modified with a water cooler 50mm wastegate welded into a 1.27 exhaust housing.
  • E85 fuel 6 Bosch 2200cc injectors with a fuel cooler.
  • 2 Walbro 450 fuel pumps mounted in a baffled 80 litre fuel tank.
  • TTI 6 speed sequential gearbox with .88 overdrive and seperate oil cooler.
  • Braced and cambered Hilux differential with adjustable 4 bar and watts link.
  • Detroit locker diff centre with ratios ranging from 3.55 (Mt Panorama) to 4.55 (Wakefield Park).
  • Coilovers front and rear.
  • 6 pot front calipers and 4 pot rear caliper brakes.
  • FC RX7 front subframe conversion with electric steering.
  • 18×12 front and 18×13 rear SSR wheels.

All in all, this car has been one of the more memorable I have had the pleasure of photographing and Matt Cole is a true gentleman. If you see this car out on the track you should be inclined to cheer it on. It is the definition of pure racing thrills and has been cultivated into the award winner it is today.

I would like to say a special thank you to Matt Cole for allowing me access to his car and for his time.



Photos and article by Daniel Ferraro