Author: Rory

  • Downshift January 2013 Meet

    Downshift January 2013 Meet

    Another month, another hugely successful meet. Many enthusiasts attended in their pride and joy, braving the ridiculous heat wave that is currently flooding Queensland. So […]

  • Forza Horizon Launch Event

    Forza Horizon Launch Event

    It is always nice to see large companies getting behind the car scene and promoting their products through that scene. Our scene is huge and […]

  • Powercruise 2012 Part 1

    Powercruise 2012 Part 1

    The annual event that is Queenslands Powercruise has once again been and gone. Powercruise has become one of the staple events on the automotive calender and one of the most looked forward to events by all car enthusiasts.

  • Powerplay 2012

    Powerplay 2012

    It is once again that time of year, the coming of winter means that Powerplay is upon us and the biggest cars in Queensland will be rocking up to Queensland Raceway to prove their worth.

  • Downshift Top Ten…#1

    Downshift Top Ten…#1

    We finally release the car that landed in the Top spot for 2011. Check it out.

  • Downshift 2011: Top Ten…5-2

    Downshift 2011: Top Ten…5-2

    This was supposed to go up on Friday of last week, but my computer just didn’t want me to finish it. So after some struggling and a reformat here is the next batch of the Top 10.

  • Downshift 2011: Top Ten…10-6

    Downshift 2011: Top Ten…10-6

    Last year I decided to do a Top 10 of 2010, featuring the cars that were the most prominent and quality builds of that year. It was received incredibly well, so here is this year’s countdown.

  • One Foggy Friday

    One Foggy Friday

    The usual Monday or Tuesday drift sessions were moved to a Friday morning out of the blue; I guess it was just to change things up. I do however think Friday wasn’t the best idea, since asking your boss for the day off on Friday will probably end up in him laughing and telling you to “..get the fuck out”. Consequently, the turnout was a lot smaller, but the quality and atmosphere was still there.