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  • Downshift 2011: A year in photos

    Downshift 2011: A year in photos

    We’ve decided to put together our favourite few photos from the year that was 2011. Enjoy!

  • Downshift 2011: Top Ten…5-2

    Downshift 2011: Top Ten…5-2

    This was supposed to go up on Friday of last week, but my computer just didn’t want me to finish it. So after some struggling and a reformat here is the next batch of the Top 10.

  • WTAC 2011: Drifting

    WTAC 2011: Drifting

    When World Time Attack Challenge landed in 2010, they hosted the Tectaloy International Drift Challenge as well, bringing all of the once heroed pro drifters of the Australian D1 circuit together again, as well as some of the finest from the D1NZ stable. For the 2011 WTAC it was no different, but they decided to expand the roster for this year’s drifting challenge. I have to admit it was a good feeling seeing professional drifting showcased once more at the highest calibre on Australian shores.

  • WTAC 2011: Promo Girls Ep2

    WTAC 2011: Promo Girls Ep2

    Here is our second installment of the WTAC promo girls from the weekend just past.

  • WTAC 2011: Promo Girls Ep1

    WTAC 2011: Promo Girls Ep1

    The World Time Attack Challenge wasn’t just about flying hotlaps and burning rubber. The show and shine and the gorgeous promo girls also featured highly on the list of things to check out!

  • WTAC 2011: Friday Racing

    WTAC 2011: Friday Racing

    After a big day of racing on Friday, we’re back into full swing on Saturday with this post. Sierra Sierra are currently in the lead, with Sun Cyber Evo closely behind!

  • WTAC 2011: Snaps

    WTAC 2011: Snaps

    A quick selection of images from this morning’s racing.

  • Japanese Nationals 2010

    Japanese Nationals 2010

    Foy called me at the ungodly hour of 8:30am last Sunday morning to see if I was making my way out to Jap Nats. Being massively hungover from a friend’s birthday party and clubbing at Mystique the night before, obviously I agreed.

    Japanese Nationals 2010