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  • A Day of Difficult Choices

    A Day of Difficult Choices

    Back in June I attended the Porsche Club of Queensland’s annual concourse day. While the PCQ is a very active motorsport-orientated club with many track […]

  • Porsche Sprints Feb 2013 – Lakeside

    Porsche Sprints Feb 2013 – Lakeside

    Being a regular attender at the Porsche Club Queensland track days, it never ceases to amaze me regardless of rain or shine that these guys […]

  • PCQ Sprints Lakeside

    PCQ Sprints Lakeside

    So after some last minute changes, Ben, Simon and myself did not end up going with some of the other guys from the Downshift crew […]

  • PCQ Cruise to Caloundra

    PCQ Cruise to Caloundra

    I was invited along to a Porsche Club Cruise, this is a glimpse of what happened..

  • Silver Bullet GT3

    Silver Bullet GT3

    Sam’s been involved in our little group for as long as I can remember. I’ve sat next to him many a time on pleasant weekend mornings in the Grimace, hanging out with the Porsche Club guys..