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  • Hairy Lemon Evo

    Hairy Lemon Evo

    This is a guest blog from Rob Gooley, owner/driver of the Hairy Lemon Evo, gearhead and all-round good guy. We asked Rob to tell us […]

  • JDM WA #14

    JDM WA #14

    [Matyi] We invited Kuruma Photography to showcase some of the talent on our West Coast that we hear so little about. Enjoy :) Since August […]

  • V2LAB Mystery Meet

    V2LAB Mystery Meet

    I wanted to start this post with the number of cars that showed up, but I can’t because it was literally impossible to measure. From […]

  • Kez’s Evo IX

    Kez’s Evo IX

    I’ve known Kez and her partner Nghia for a while now.. Some of you may remember this feature of Nghia’s S13, which is roughly the […]

  • Subtle & Purposeful

    Subtle & Purposeful

    One argument that has always been a talking point between car enthusiasts the world over is Form or Function? The thing is, why must we be limited to just on side of the fight? Why can’t we do both?

  • Unbeatable: HKS CT230R Evo

    Unbeatable: HKS CT230R Evo

    With the fast growing popularity in what is time attack racing it’s good to look back on one of the older heroes in the scene. Enter the HKS CT230R Evo.