Dyno Days are a dime a dozen over here in Queensland, Australia and you will find that out more so by following our site as this will be our second Dyno coverage and we have a third in the works, not that I am complaining. Mercury Motorsport held a dyno day on the 19th and it was good to see so many people rocking up so close to christmas, but hey taking home a trophy would be one damn nice way to start the festivities.

When I first got sent an Invite about a month ago (god facebook makes things easy) from Jay about the up and coming Mercury Dyno day I knew then that the cars attending would be A grade quality and I was right. Mercury are known for, if anything for their all powerful Nissans and today did not disappoint. Props to Tess and Trent for putting together such a awesome day and for everyone who made it possible by actually fronting for it. It is events like this that make our scene oh so awesome.
The day was made even better by the fact that I thought only a few guys I knew were showing up for it, but it turned out that tonnes of good friends showed for the day. Nothing in this world beats hanging with good friends, surrounded by hella proper cars and watching some full tilt weapons do power runs. Much love for all the boys they know who they are.
Figured it would be easier to just leave comments about the pics, as you would get confused with all the numberplates this way you know who made what power.


So many rides were running eye lids, made me feel like I was living out a Need For Speed game haha Oh well those Emotions made up for it on this 15.


Familiar?? Cory brought the evo out to show everyone how to build a car without it being a rolling defect. Such an awesome ride, and now supports a half cage and totally stripped interior.


Prepare to see a LOT more of this wpn (see what i did there? Comedic genious) Gus is a good mate of mine and his 32 is definitely one of the best getting around, so many GTR’s are just trailer queens, and it’s always good to see a top quality example rolling on the bitumen.


FINALLY got to see Logans 33 again, after a year of him sending me pictures over MSN. It was good to see it in the flesh, even if it was a little worse off in places due to some previous “workshop” issues but when it’s done expect a feature on it as it will definitely be living up to those plates.


I have been wanting to shoot Justins 32 for months now, but he has been consistently upgrading it this year, which i must say always makes me excited when he tells me he got new goods for the beast. But now that his new brakes are on feature is definitely in the works.
Also note Jay’s 33 which I hope to feature soon, although big things to come so I might hold out till it is EVEN better. I swear if it wasn’t for Jay i wouldn’t have half the contacts I do, much love for him.


Last time I saw this 34 it was a bog stock GTR, now it has a full N1 block, 2.8ltr stroker and a t04z hanging off the side, would hate to see the hole in his wallet.


Not a fan of this car, weak wheels and some things that need attention but it makes 1150rwhp so ladies and gentlemen, welcome to pain.


This thing is ridiculous; 1.5jz, powerglide dragbox, full slicks and a low 10sec pass to its name.


What can i say about this thing, but it was actually built by HKS, it ran a 9sec pass in Japan and the owner Dave, drives it like a mad man over here. Intense amounts of win reside in this thing.


To any americans reading this, this is basically a Pontiac G8 but named a Holden Commodore. This particular one has Nitrous and 500hp.