What is Downshift? Why does it exist? And why should you even care?

We believe people have a right to pursue their legitimate automotive passion without persecution by the authorities, or judgement by the media and society at large. We believe car enthusiasts deserve rad events. And we just happen to be able to make that a reality.

We choose to do things the right way: through blood, sweat and tears, hard work and dedication (although ideally not too much blood & tears if we can help it). We support businesses that support you. We buy legit parts and prefer to put in more effort or wait rather than take shortcuts and be half-assed. We don’t care about whether someone’s car is built not bought, we don’t care how much or little money you have to spend on it, all that matters is that we love cars and appreciate the effort and heart that’s been put in.

All of us at Downshift have been involved in the car scene since a young age and live and breathe everything automotive. We started DS to rejuvenate an ailing Australian car scene. Watching what America was doing and how jaw-dropping their scene is, we created Downshift in 2009 with the idea to give Australia the car scene it deserves. We cover everything from small car meets, to feature cars, to running some of the biggest events Australia has to offer. So if you want to read about the dopest rides, the top events and get down to the biggest show and shine meets then you have landed at the right place.

The Downshift Crew