• Eurononymous Meet #5

    Eurononymous Meet #5

    I thought I’d head out and check out Trent’s event for Brisbane Euros, Eurononymous #5. Rocking up at Calamvale Shopping Centre and parking the S2K […]

  • Joel’s Zenki Slider

    Joel’s Zenki Slider

    Originally, Joel owned a super clean drift built Nissan Cefiro. But, all good things do unfortunately come to an end. It was a sad, sad […]

  • Summernats 26

    Summernats 26

    Australia’s biggest horsepower party kicked off again for its 26th event. And what an event! Over 1,500 cars and 100,000 people flocked to the Exhibition […]

  • Low, Wide & Stanced

    Low, Wide & Stanced

    Hendra has created a unique WRX. A flawless widebody kit , beautiful paint work and a great wheel setup makes this car special. This car just has a presence about it even just sitting there.

  • 6 degrees of 13

    6 degrees of 13

    It’s fascinating to think that you, me, and everyone is bound to everyone else on this planet through only 6 degrees of separation..

    Nghia's S13

  • Welcome To ‘Australia’s Got Stance’

    Those who tune in on a weekly basis to see my ramblings will no doubt already know where this article is going. For those who don’t know, or are a bit slow off the mark, it is coverage of one of the monthly Morning Drift Sessions held at Queensland Raceway. I go to bed at like 1am and am getting up at 5am (without even whinging) because I know this is worth the freezing winter mornings and lack of sleep.