What a night! Beenleigh Showgrounds is still an awesome location.

Have seen this supra a few times now, but finally getting a closer look. The detail in this car is next level! Loving the gold vs carbon accents.

Something you don’t see at other meets!! Jamboree putting on a show with their drag car display and start-up.

SWB Pajero Evolution. Need I say more??

How any 86 should be – with a big turbo!

1J in a 70’s Celica. Best of both worlds, old school and new!

A true 80s classic – 1984 Pontiac Trans Am!

Not your average “P plate build”!

There’s something about M cars, particularly in this gorgeous blue with carbon.

Slammed Subis go hard!

VTEC yooooooo

Huge camber, under glow, very tidy 180.

Old school Hilux on Minilites and sticky tyres!

Great night out, see you at the next one!

A HEAP more photos at: Kyle Bettenay Productions

ps. if you are attending a meet with your car, you need to have the appropriate insurance cover. While you should already be insured, keep in mind that certain activities can leave you liable (think street racing, speeding or burnouts). You really need to know what is covered with your insurance policy. Also, if you have never made a claim before, are you aware of how much excess you would need to pay in the case of a claim? Learn more about excess in this guide.

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