Those who tune in on a weekly basis to see my ramblings will no doubt already know where this article is going. For those who don’t know, or are a bit slow off the mark, it is coverage of one of the monthly Morning Drift Sessions held at Queensland Raceway. I go to bed at like 1am and am getting up at 5am (without even whinging) because I know this is worth the freezing winter mornings and lack of sleep.

I have got a pretty large circle of mates so generally there are some out there on the day, and I have been attending as many slide days as I can so that I can get to know the regulars. I try to chat to most guys out there who are rocking A+ styles, but I often get distracted easily. Apart from hanging with Kyrin, Hao and their mates, the regular monkeys such as Ben, Mez and a myriad of others were out as per usual. Managed to have a quick chat with a guy by the name of Zac, and you will soon see his 15 which is sitting SO RIGHT on XD9s. Loved the car and had seen it out before but never had the chance to shoot the shit with him at all. Was good to meet you bro, hope you enjoy the shots.

This morning session was like an episode of The Hills; drama all over the place. A damn nice looking 13 and a 180 collided head on, both drivers fine but the cars were messed up. Someone broke their gearbox and Kyrin clipped a wall in his JZX which literally brought a tear to my eye. Always loved Kyrin’s J since I saw it ages back at a meet, so it’s really sad to see it banged up. The boys got taste though, so it will come back like a sledgehammer. Of course, what will be the favorite car of the post, Todd’s 13, was out yet again. No shit, this car never ceases to get me all giddy inside. I could look at it 24/7 and still be head over heels in love with it. If the drift scene is the kingdom of fitment, then Todd is some sort of General. He was like a celebrity on the day, so hard to catch a word with him because everyone is throwing love. It is easy to see why though; nice guy, insanely badass car, and some mad skills at piloting.

Roll on the snaptures:




Kyrin’s car is soooo clean it is amazing. Probably one of the best JZX100s in QLD, and maybe even Australia. The fact that everyone on the day was voicing how epic it was cements that statement. Now, it is all well and good to have a badass car and hardpark it…



…but Kyrin loves sliding, which I give insane props for even when it ends in dramatic tears.



Shit happens with drifting.



Tayno’s 14 killing it as always. He is out at every slide day he can get to, and it’s always good to see his 14. Such a perfect example.


Tayno and Zac. This is how Silvia’s should be done.








This is Zac’s S15. Funny how such simple exterior choices like a set of coils, some 18″ XD9s in a low offset and what looks to be an Autech spoiler can transform a car into this. XD9s may be played out alot, but there is a really, really good reason for that. I don’t think I need to explain that reason either, because Zac’s 15 pulls that shit off amazingly.




Some quick snaps.



Always sad to see a car limping home. Was such a nice 13 as well.



Eurolines just work in good fitment. Bodykits are really more like debris at drift events.



Josh Coote’s 180 is an insane build, so much money, so much R&D. Car is rocking some super quality sussy gear as well as a sequential shifter and over 350rwkw. It shows, though, as it is a monster on the black stuff.





More random ass snaps.




Tonnes of action out on the day. Five car trains ROCK.



Bucka’s S14 is always awesome to watch. As soon as your hear it, the ever present RB idle is picked straight away. The torque gain from the bigger displacement certainly shows on low rev entries into corners, where smoke was just pissing out. The lock this car posses is also physics defying.


YEEEAAHHHHHH grass skids bro.


Speedhunters rep Casey Dhnaram was there on the day…actually he is there at most drift days haha. Kid takes brutally good shots.


Shout out to Hao and his crazy badass Crown (I think?). Equip 03’s are the most amazing looking wheels, so I was instantly in love.



Showing my mate Ben some love as always. Keep it ace man, love your work.





It is late, I am lazy, and there are too many one off shots, hence the random snaps all over the place.



You know how on TV shows, especially on the news, you see one good article on that nights program and you decide to watch primarily for that article? They then proceed to put it at the very end of the program an hour later into the show? Frustrating, I know, but from a media perspective it is the easiest way to net viewers and get people watching your crappy program for a lot longer then they normally would. It is also common practice to leave the best things till last, no matter the occasion. Well, you got me. That is exactly what I’m doing here…well, kind of. I thought I would save the best for last. It is something I normally do just because it is better for reading purposes, but this time I truly mean it. I almost dedicated a whole post to this car without any info, which would be lame in the long run. I definitely want to shoot this car, more so than I want some Krispey Kreme’s right now.





Quick run down from what I could make out. Wheels are SSR AGLE’s in probably 9.5″ -5 at front and 11″ -10 at rear, which is just an educated guess. Bride Zeta pews, Reinhardt (insanely loud) exhaust, and the turbo was boggling me a little. I will go with like a 28/71 or 30/71 (if that exists, sounds familiar). But I ain’t no car guru, so feel free to correct. The best part was the fully tubbed bay and specially mounted intercooler due to cars height (notice it sits a long way back and quite high up) as well as the totally custom fabbed Plenum. So much respect for this car. Few other things I could mention, but hopefully get a proper feature sometime and Todd can give us a proper run down on this gangster S13: sussy gear looked all custom to me, nothing stood out except for maybe some Ikeya Formula parts.









Bet you were all sweating profusely from that haha. Cheers for reading, hope you dug it, I know I enjoyed writing it. Thanks to all the bros for making the day all the better, you all know who you are. Also, remember if I spoke good words of your car and haven’t contacted you, I would super appreciate if you go up to ‘About Us’ or ‘Contact Us’ and get in contact with me as I would love to shoot a lot of those cars. So much badass-ness, it makes me cry with joy :)

…but wait there is more guys. This shot is my favorite. I call it Gangster Slide


Zac and Todd killing it so hard it isn’t even remotely funny. Mad props boys, stepping it up for QLD.

Thanks again for reading!