Wait, who’s this new guy on the block? Downshift now has international relations!
The name is Phil. I reside over in the states in a communist, I mean commonwealth, state of Virginia. I attend lots of car shows, events and meets here on the east coast. I’m a graphic & web designer by trade but I also dabble in photography.
Cars and Coffee is nothing new, you may have heard the term before. It’s essentially a nationwide (maybe global?) outing of hot exotics and rarities that you only dream of or see in video games.

Now let’s get started.
Agenda: Cars and Coffee. Time of Event: 7-9am (yes, 7am!) Location: Katie’s Coffee House in Great Falls, Virginia. Goal: Meet some cool people (Alright, I’m really there for the cars).

The meet starts at 7am (I stroll in shortly thereafter) and I am welcomed to an assortment of beauties. Now, the meet may start at 7am, but people get here way before just to get a “prime” parking location. Over the past months, it has exploded in size taking up the neighboring parking lots with ease. Essentially, the early bird gets the worm.

Now you might be thinking, “Oh look exotics, I bet the owners are people you want to avoid.” Totally incorrect. These are some of the nicest and friendliest people anywhere. Everyone is willing to talk about everything and anything.
This is one automobile that really caught my eye.

The monster twins as I call them.

I was also a sucker for E-Types,

Who doesn’t love a Mini?

Now seeing this Black Series was a real treat. I remember watching that Top Gear episode where the bloody Jeremy Clarkson had the chance to “joy ride” one of these. Carbon brakes, 500hp, a warning letter from Mercedes, themselves, instructing the driver about the savagery the car is. And yes, it truly sounds as good as it looks.

Now, not only were there exotics, but domestics as well. And I didn’t have a problem with that, at all.

Seeing a Noble M400 was awesome considering, well it was a M400.

Another car I rarely see on the road, BMW Z8.

The pinnacle of the 1980s. Check out that license plate, ha!

Another rarity. Alfa Romeo 1900.

And the piece de resistance…F40! I am astound that this automotive excellence comes to practically every weekend.

There you have it, Cars and Coffee in Great Falls, Virginia. I attend mostly every weekend, unless I don’t wake up. I mean 7am? Really?! But it’s so worth it. These photos were just the highlights of this past weekend’s meet.
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Stay tuned for more upcoming events.