Once every month Queensland Raceway holds Friday night drift practices, which I head out to every now and then when mates are keen for some good old sliding action. This past Friday it was on again, and I had nothing on so Ben and myself decided to trek out to QR and see what was going down. The night drifts are always a bunch of fun, as well as insanely cold during winter. Once it gets past 7pm, the temperature plummets so hard and it becomes ridiculously cold…so cold in fact that I am surprised it doesn’t start fucking snowing. The winter weather is good for one thing, however, and that is keeping the cars performing all night long with no overheating dramas.

A heap of mates said they were rolling out for some fun which makes the night 1000x better. There isn’t really much to do on the nights since it is so friggin cold, but they allow passenger runs and the atmosphere is pretty chilled. It is a good way to spend a Friday night if you have nothing else on, especially if you have some bros heading out that are sliding and can take you for runs.

Photography on the night is pretty hard, considering the lighting is crazy poor, and the track is pitch black so it isn’t easy to snap shots. I spent the whole night chatting and laughing with a heap of close mates. Luckily though, Ben took the reins of the camera and got some shots off, mainly atmospheric ones just to show what the night is like (they were all done handheld too, so don’t rag on the quality haha – Ben). Can’t make out much on the cars so I can’t really add little comments about the pics, but I hope you enjoy the shots…well, what you can make out anyway haha.



















Cheers to all the homies who came out and made the night what it was. Definitely wouldn’t have been as good without you all.

Oh and a new wallpaper has been added too.