Queensland Raceway holds drift practice sessions every Friday night from 6-10pm, and tonight I was able to tag along with a bunch of really cool people, whom I’ve only hung out with briefly at our regular JDM meets.

So I snaked my way through peak hour traffic on the motorbike (is it just me, or has it been getting a lot worse in the last few weeks?), stuffed my face with some Waldorf salad and jumped in the S15. The Ipswich Motorway in peak hour was PACKED with cars, crawling along at walking space, so we made it to QR much later than expected, but Steph’s mint 2 door STi WRX certainly helped. With 252kW at all 4 wheels, it was an absolute weapon of a thing, forcing you all the way back into the seat every time she floored it! Its for sale too!
By the time we got to QR, most of the pit garages were taken, but to our collective surprise, the one closest to the control tower was available.
Jamming both Nhan’s S13 and Nigs’ Ceffy in there, much jacking up and swapping of wheels ensued, while I took some snaps in the pit garages and attempted to pan and focus in almost complete darkness with a nifty fifty on my 50D. About the only one that worked out well is this one. Time for new tyres?
Bumped into Rory (what a surprise, you whore!) and chatted for a bit while taking lots of pit shots.
Love this sticker Nigs!
Mmm oldschool.
We were all freezing our collective asses off with temps at the track around 6-7C, which was great for the turbos but terrible for the feeling in my hands/fingers. After wrapping my frozen bits around a hot mocha, smashing it quick-smart and soaring on a caffeine high, Nhan was kind enough to hook me up with a passenger’s side ride in his recently acquired S13. The stock suspension definitely didn’t help with the backlash with the weight shifting, and we spun quite a few times doing about 80kph. Heaps of fun though! Luckily no damage, which is more than I can say for Nigs, who did some damage to his clutch/gearbox/input shaft/straight pipes (?). It was fun getting it back to Brisbane without using the clutch whatsoever…hope you can get it fixed soon broseph!
Other people having a shit night, like this Gazelle:
Thanks are in order to Steph, Nhan, Nigs, and the rest of the crew. Fun times!