First off, I am sorry to the regular readers about the massive lack of anything lately, it has been a good month since my last post, but I have my reasons.

Basically it goes like this, I was asked by my Auntie and Uncle if I was able to house sit their place while they jetsetted to the states for 4 weeks (envious to the max) I said sure why not. Now after about 2-3 days of bumming and playing loads of xbox I jumped on their PC and came to the sad realization that their internet was about the same speed as the internet Noah used when he was googling animals he needed for the maiden Ark voyage. I am not exaggerating either, it downloaded an excel spread sheet at 28.8kb/s.

So I have been living without any form of internet since the 20th of December, and will be living without till the 21st of January. But I had to come home to do some stuff and decided to let you all know the issues and also post and update or two depending on time to keep you all happy.

Cheers for waiting around, and sticking it out.

Downshift Crew