I have a lot of good mates in the car scene, coming from all walks of models, but mainly all following one style, and that style is dope haha. A really good friend of mine Alex, loves his wheels, more so than most. So much so that he has owned in the 2 or so years I have known him, around 8 sets which is pretty crazy.

Anyway cutting to the chase, he recently decided to sell his white Black Racing’s to a good friend of his Trav, I haven’t met Trav but when Alex sent me the shots of his old wheels on Travs red Eg, I had to post it up. Trav has been building his Eg for over 5 years, watch this space for future updates on it.



Also check out how immaculate Trav’s engine bay is, the little things make all the difference that is for sure. Things like braided clutch line (you can see it going to the slave cylinder on the gearbox) that gets rid of all the clutch hard lines, harnesses tucked in the fenders and the list goes on.

Of coarse Alex would not sell a set of wheels for no reason, so say hello to Alex’s new shoes. They look amazing and are crazy rare being 16×8 and 16×7 with +25 offset. There is no doubt in my mind that Alex’s little egg will appear on here a lot more often. Also stay tuned for a feature of his Eg in the near future.