You know that thought you get when you discover something that you have known about, but just never really took interest? The “why the hell have I not been doing this?” thought? Well, on a cold and chilly Monday morning about a week ago I spoke that very sentence (albeit with quite a few profanities in there as well).

You see, my boy Mez loves his drifting. You have all seen his videos and shit and you probably gathered he has a thing for the sideways action. He has been telling me about these ‘Monday morning sessions’ for a while now and I have always either forgotten, not been bothered or just been too slack to attend. Never again will that happen. My expectations were not just blown away, they were fucking obliterated. I had never seen Aussie wheel fitment like this before.

Almost every bro out there was rocking there cars low, wide, and with hell good stance. I even spotted two previous Hellaflush feature cars: Ben’s purple 32 and Todd’s black S13. Ben was supporting some seriously hilarious and original sticker placement which I got a kick out of, however Todd’s 13 managed to not only steal the show but by god it managed to drop my jaw all day long. There is another drift day coming up again soon, and there is no chance I will be missing it. I can’t explain how dope the day was…definitely one of the best days I have been to in a long time (and I have been to my fair share of events). All I can say is…

…ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Australian stance at its finest.


Nathan’s 15 is, believe it or not, N/A. One of the special Autech editions; definitely an awesome first slider.



Jamie is a recently acquired homie. He is mates with a lot of my friends and it was good to meet him and his 14 out at the track. I have always favoured the 14’s over all the other Silvia’s; something about the shape. Jamie’s 14 is super clean and such a nice example.


RG’s baby.


This is such a cool get up on a 13. 33 GTR wheels sitting great on the front and 34 GTR wheels also sitting great on the rear. Hand me downs never looked so good.


As I mentioned before, Ben and his 32 have previously appeared on Hellaflush, and you can see why. Shot the shit with Ben for a bit, and what a great guy. He was happy to chat to some kid with a camera and we ended up having a good laugh.


Ben representin‘.


Some slides.

Before I continue, let me be honest: I was slightly distracted on the day. One car had the focus of my attention and it really showed in the pics. 10 shots of one car, uhh my bad. Will get more variety next time, although I am sure you will understand why I was distracted.


As you can see, this car is phenomenal to say the least. The way it sits on those MASSIVE SSR AGLE’s is ridiculous. The ride height of the car is equally ridiculous (just look at where the headlights are in relation to the boys looking at it). The engine is apparently pushing around 400whp and it is just an overall top quality build. Todd (the owner) has some serious taste when it comes to car styling and stance in general. Hopefully I can get a closer look and a chat with Todd at the next morning session.

Oh and just to prove that it doesn’t just sit pretty on that fitment…



Massive props to Secret Drift for putting the day together; such an awesome morning out. Cheers to Jamie and Levi for putting up with my shit all morning, and to all the other homies who were out.