Yes I do realise that it has been like over a month since Powercruise but we have been so busy lately I never got around to getting the final part up. Since the final post contains all the pretty girls I figure you guys wouldn’t really mind either way. No one complains when a post contains good looking girls haha. Plus it gave me a chance to reminisce about how fucking awesome Powercruise really was. So amped to see what next years event brings, pity we have to wait a whole entire year for it.

There isn’t really much car coverage in this post, mainly due to most cars being broken or everything being the same sort of stuff from the previous two days. That and I didn’t really hang around all day, was so buggered from the weekend overall that I bailed at like 2pm. Still gave me a chance to catch a glimpse of Gups recently purchased Gallardo which is always a treat to see. As well as get some more girlie shots.


The two big Bray family drag cars, serious shit right here.

However opposite them was this. This is the Monster Energy stand, holy shit they must have some intense cash flow to have this sort of get up at a car show. No one else was even remotely close to having something of this caliber. Then when you went inside…

It was nuts, there was a bar in there, 3 Xbox’s, stairs leading to the above balcony. Not to mention the two gorgeous bar girls. Shit was crazy.

Two utes….going fast.

Some things were a little more ‘out there’ then others.

Gups Gallardo. Such a boss looking car, also the plates are pretty funny when you think about it.

Way better shot of this car later on in the day

Was loving this FD, very clean and subtle but sounded fairly worked and went crazy hard as well. Seemed to be hanging with Anthony in the badass green S14 so maybe he knows more about it.

I wandered around for a bit chatting to friends and stuff. Wasn’t really taking all that many pictures because I guess I covered everything the days before. I made my way back over to the Monster Stand to get some shade from the blistering hot sun and once again they were proving their endless supply of money because not only was their sponsored drift 350Z on show….

Thanks to a Rotrex Supercharger this thing pours out smoke and gets some serious angle. Looks to goods as well sitting on those RPF01’s.

But they also had two insanely hot promo girls. Who were at the event for all 3 days. Would have cost a tonne to have them hired. The Blonde one also worked both days at Jamboree the week prior.
Told you I had a better pic, even though some dude photo bombed it.

The dude was hilarious, pulling mad gang signs and yelling shit. Had me in tears laughing. Also have a go at the brunette acting all dirty with the umbrella in the second pic hahaha. No shit the blonde girl was probably the best looking girl I have ever seen in person. Foy and I were jaws on the floor whenever we saw her. Not going to lie, Delta Goodrem and Jennifer Hawkins have nothing on her. Monster Energy Drink were killing it that is for sure, whoever picked those two knew what they were doing. Promo girls should be incredibly good looking, so was good to see Monster knew this.


The two Valvoline girls who did the flagging had some serious guts, some of those cars were stupidly loud. Even Foy and I weren’t standing as close by as them. Was also much better watching these two flag the cars instead of the fat powercruise marshal LOL.

More Chillen.

Went to the stage to watch the ‘Miss Powercruise’ contest. But when I got there all that was there was little tikes dancing. Brunette standing to the left was worth hanging around for.

Eventually the started the competition.
Team Tonka had their custom Jeep Wrangler, mobile DJ stations pumping beats.

This guy had the right idea for the model comp haha, full on video camera.

Now I won’t hesitate in saying that Powercruise isn’t really known for its ‘class’ so to speak. The event is basically filled to the brim with bogans and the like. So myself, Foy and Dave were not really expecting the greatest looking girls for the show. Considering the two Monster promo girls were still promo’ing behind us obviously meant they weren’t entering. However when the first girl, Chloe walked out. We were not really expecting this:

yeah I know right.

Our view from the stage front haha.

Now most of the girls were good looking, I just have so many pics to edit I just merely edited the best ones. Well the ones I dug the most haha. Most of my pics were shitty as well, so excuse any blurriness. I was going to post one of all the girls, but I figure to try and cut this post down I would keep it to a few and the winners.

While I was trying to see my screen on the cam to see if the pics were coming out ok I noticed this cutie. Just had to take a snap.

LOL caught in the act. I don’t think she minded though, I personally think she should have been entered in the comp. Also notice the Monster ball cap, is there ANYWHERE this company isn’t.

Can you tell I had a favorite??
Samara ended up getting 3rd from memory. I personally think she should have won to be honest, as you can see by the pics she is dead set gorgeous. I mean just look at that smile. But 3rd still won like $500, 2nd got $1000 I think and first gets $2000 or $2500. I could be wrong but it is somewhere around that mark. Seriously getting that sort of money for merely looking good in a bikini is so awesome. $2500 is like a set of Work Equips to your door. Oh and look at the logo on Samara’s hat, never seen that before. Monster are seriously vying for world domination I swear.

The Winners.

Ok next up you will probably be wondering why I posted like 5 of the exact same pose. Well firstly the girls are super good looking and secondly, notice Chloe the winner in the middle, is looking at the same thing in every shot. These shots were like a solid minute plus apart from when I took them as well. It is like she didn’t move….at all. Not even when old mate was asking questions and the other girls were answering. Before you say Photographers, from memory they were all where I was, in front. When I was editing the shots I picked up on it, I was laughing for ages.

Free Downshift sticker to anyone who can guess why this is my favorite pic.

A better shot of the Winners.

I went to get a final look at some track action before heading off. This FG Falcon definitely lives up to those plates. With 962rwhp.

Spotted Anthony out there racing, got some shots for him. Car stands out so badly with its epic fitment and aggressive as FUCK stance.

I went to hand in my Media Vest and spotted this clean black 997 Turbo. Then noticed the logo on the bonnet. FFS once again Monster Energy has proved itself to be everywhere.

Well that is the Powercruise 2010 Event wrapped up…finally. Hope you all enjoyed the shots and my dribbling. Definitely head out next year if you are in town, or plan a holiday around attending. It is such an awesome event, so much fun filled into 3 days. Fast cars, stunning girls, perfect weather. There really is nothing better.