A week has passed since Powercruise, but I had a shitload of pics to sift through so do bare with us for dragging this on. Saturday is the biggest day of the four day event by far, with the most spectators, entrants and vendors then any other day. I got to the track around 9am and hunted down Foy who had got there at some satan hour in the morning. After tracking him down we jetted over to the media area for photographers and proceeded to watch what was essentially QLD’s best cars tear shit up on Queensland Raceway. Such awesome fun to watch.

I tried to get a lot more action shots in for Saturday, as static pics are cool but the ones that show the cars on the track doing skids and shit probably give a better idea of how truly epic this event is. There are almost 60 pics in this post so I will leave the dribble for the pics. Oh and before anyone asks: yes, there will be more shots of the girlies in the last post haha.


This VL Turbo was truly ridiculous, not to mention in almost spotless condition and still hitting the tracks. Would love to know the rear specs of those Simmons FR19s…easily 11″ wide.

This little E30 was rocking a 1J under the hood. Sounded awesome and looked super pig. SSR Reverse Meshies in quality offset top it all off.

33 GTR wheels sitting hell nice on a Cressida

Foy and I were having a laugh at some dude who binned his car into the wall, then got reemed out for being a dick on the track by Gup the organiser when we heard this stupidly heavy rumble. Turned around to see one of the Bray boys in their door slammer VY Ute cutting insane hoops. Shit was silly loud.

BROK AS VK Commodore living up to the plates by getting towed in…HA!

Unfortunately my laughing was cut short due to the door slammer drag car coming back in and destroying my ear drums.
The car is pure insanity. He always revved it next to us for a laugh I think. Can’t expect me to get a pic of your car when you are revving it and shaking the entire fucking planet. Cuts a good skid though.

Saw Ryan lining up to get on the track and grabbed some shots of his rad 410rwhp RB25 powered S13

Decided to go for a walk to check out the Show and Shine and see some cars that are not yet out on the track. Everything was pretty much the same as the Friday, so before I knew it we were back track side watching the action.

The Drift comp was up next. Unfortunately, do not expect the caliber of cars to be like the morning sessions that I throw up on here. Those guys like to stay out of the lime light, however was good to see like 50+ cars giving it a go. Even though some clearly had no idea exactly what drifting was.
Locking up all four coming into turn 6.

This VE SS Commodore was probably the best on the day if you ask me. Not your typical slide car, but he had some serious talent. Good smoke, good control and sounded so tough on full noise. Linked the whole thing as well, which was good to see considering most commodore drivers just did this…

Someone tell this bro that doing a skid is not the same as drifting haha. Foy’s comment was the best though: “Dude that VT sounded like babies dying“. This was because it looked like it had a stock exhaust, and it was running a supercharger.

On our way back from shooting the drifting, we noticed everyone running to get a spot on pit wall. Now Foy and I were pretty bad media doods, cause we had no idea when shit was on haha. Noticed insane amounts of cars rolling out onto the track which could only mean it was Offstreet Drag Racing time. I love this part of the day, primarily because the imports tear shit up, and also because Foy and I got to get onto the black stuff to shoot.

As you can see this is the setup for the racing: two cars and a official flagging them down. I personally thought they should of flown Ludacris over to do the honours of flagging.

This race was hilarious. 70 Chevelle SS 454 vs. a big ass Chev Silverado. I was thinking why you would even bother bringing your silverado out. Then the Silverado cut this insane skid, however…

It was out classed something chronic.

Spotted this guy maxin’ chillaxin’, getting his snaps off while laxin’ on the grass away from the action haha.

They decided that the dude who was flagging just wasn’t pretty enough, so they grabbed some of the Valvoline girls to do the flagging. But more on them next post.

This 33 GTS-T is a Mercury Motorsport car. Tess was giving me a bit of a run down earlier in the day…the car is pushing 604rwhp on E85 and thanks to a 35r, and a built RB25 (thanks for correcting me Tess hahaha). Owner pulled the exhaust off for Powercruise, so it sounded brutally tough and also hooked up really well on those semi slicks.


This 32 GTR came out of nowhere. Now I know of most of the big GTR builds getting around, but this one I had never seen before. When it rolled up I instantely noticed the massive Alcon calipers and rotors, as well as the big semi slicks and full roll cage. When he dumped it off the line shit was crazy, spun all four through 1st and 2nd then took off like a rocket. Anyone who has any details care to shed some light? Rumour has it that it makes over 600 at all four wheels.

While the cars were lining up, Victor Bray went out in his his famous, all conquering top door slammer drag car. Again, he just proceded to cut insane hoops in the middle of the track.

Rotary powered little Japanese utes everywhere. They dominated in the Off Street Drags.

When this XA Falcon rolled up, I felt bad for the pretty girls flagging the cars. I mean, just looking at it you will understand where I am coming from when I say that this thing was STUPIDLY loud. I was quite a fair way away as I had my longer lense on, but it was just as loud from where I was, let alone a metre away. Check out what happens next…

HAHAHA, surprised the girls didn’t start bleeding from the ears.

Some cars were just making so much power, they would start to light the rears at half track…my god that would be scary.

I think Ryan got distracted by the girls, cause he did a dud launch during this race haha.

Easily the most well thought out number plates on the entire earth. How the fuck he managed to think that up is beyond me.

Saw Trent in the Mercury 35 rolling up for Off Street Drags. I got mega excited and jumped up and down like a school girl.

I should re edit this shot and throw it up in the wallpaper section. Insanely badass car, straight as shit road, and hot as girls about to flag you off.

That was it for Off Street Drag Racing. Scott in the Brown OKE20 Corolla drag car took top honours. He does every year haha, but I guess you can’t really expect to beat a car that runs 8.8 down the quarter. After that I went and milled around Show and Shine again, as well as hit up the Miss Powercruise Competition.

Spotted Anthony’s 14 out again. Had to get pics because a little wee comes out everytime I see this thing.

Really clean Supra from out of nowhere. Supras are pretty rare over here, and when you do see one they always look like crap. Good to see a nice one once in a while.

After Miss Powercruise Comp (chill out…for the third time, next post) I headed back to the wall to get some final snaps before trekking home.

Might remember this Camaro from the Friday post. Good to see him driving it.

Ryan lining up his brother Steve in the S14.

The red 32 GTR from before. My god did this thing tear shit up when it was out there.

Let’s be honest, this was bound to happen. I mean you cannot expect a car like that to be reliable.


On my way out I noticed this… :\

…and this 997 Porsche Turbo. Pity it wasn’t out on the track. Also, my god, Monster must have the cash flow of Pablo Escabar. Everything is sponsored by them, they hire the hottest girls who charge insane money and have the biggest stands. I gotta get into the energy drink business.

That is it for Saturday folks, stay tuned for Sunday’s post soon. It is much shorter so don’t worry it won’t take a week. It will also have tonnes on INSANELY hot girls, which I know you all love. Hope you enjoyed the read.