Powercruise weekend is by far the biggest event on the Queensland calendar. However, it is a very much bogan orientated event, and always has been, and most likely always will be. But I grew up around muscle cars (American, if we are being specific) so I have such a massive respect for the V8s that go out there; blowers out of the bonnet and more cubes alone that the entire Australia drift series combined. Something about cars being able to bake tires at well past 150km/h gets me excited.

The whole event runs for four days, starting on Thursday and finishing on Sunday. Thursday is basically all stand set up and car prep, scrutineering and all that jazz. Friday was the first day of action. I got out there around 1ish as I had some errands to do in the morning, but as soon as I got there I knew it was going to be one fucking badass weekend.

One of the bonuses of running a fairly popular blog (props to everyone who reads, allows me to do this shit) is that I can get media access to events. Also, being able to say I write and shoot for the American giants Fatlace and Hellaflush gives me some substantial pulling power. So myself and Foy filled out some media applications and next thing we know, we are on the track, wearing rad fluro vests and hanging with stupidly good looking promo girls. Gotta love life sometimes. Slightly hard for me to explain the event and the proceedings of the day without pics, so onward to glory and mass laughs. Enjoy.


This VZ commodore was frankly ridiculous. I WTF’ed hard when I saw the rear wheels, they were absolutely ginormous and the cars paintjob was basically flawless to boot. As you can see by the rolling shot it has this insane bonnet bulge which was because of some wacked out intake or something along those lines. Not sure what it was really rocking under the hood, but going by the OTT383 plates I imagine that stands for something along the lines of ‘Over The Top 383ci’. Honestly I am not a fan of it. Way too over the top, and it also got walked by the brutally tough WANAGO F6 which according to my mate Al makes 483rwkw. I have a massive soft spot for boosted falcons.

This 33 GTS-t has been around for some years now, formally known as HITMUP. Runs a fairly serious RB26/30 setup with either a T51r or GT42r strapped to it, cannot remember. However if you look closely you will pick up the subtle giveaways that it makes serious power. The fact he is rocking semi slicks on the rear and the standard 5 speed is replaced by a super serious Pro Auto Drag Box means this car has some big figures going to the rear wheels.

Speaking of serious power figures, my friends from Mercury Motorsport were out there showcasing their wares as always. They had their ridiculous 34 GTR on show and hitting the track. On the Sunday their 34 managed to pump out 1014rwhp which is so insane I couldn’t even believe what I was reading when I got the text that Tess sent me. Massive props guys, that is some crazy power, and they are striving for even more. It was so violent looking when it was on full boost down the main straight.

This little Mazda 1000 Ute which goes by the name of FN SYCO is always out in full flight at the Powercruise and Powerplay events. It is easily one of my favorite cars getting around in the QLD scene. Runs a 13b which a big ass turbo making it one bullshit scary looking ride when it is on full noise.

Something about 67-69 shape Camaros is just awesome. Specially when they are blown to this extent.

This 67 Fastback would look 10x better with some smaller wheels on it, but still a super clean example. The 67 Bullitt Fastbacks came with a big 390ci back then, whereas standards were only 289ci’s. I can only assume that judging by the braided hoses and what seems to be a external fuel system in the rear that this one has a fairly built 390 in it.

Had a really good chat to the owner of this M. Very few Euro’s show up to these events, so I was really glad to see this one. Spotted it from ages away, and knew straight up it would have some work done. The owner Paul has some serious taste as well: ordered special Hartge 21″ wheels which set the car off amazingly. He also dabbles in offset/fitment by running 8mm slip on spacers on the front to push them out just that little bit more. The car also has a full intake system and stainless cat back exhaust. The car is truly gangster and I was very much a fan.

American hardparking? It may be, but shit this thing was nuts. The whole car wasn’t just A+ quality build…it was above that shit. Paint was the most flawless I have ever seen, the whole meth injected and blown engine with wire tuck and slight tubbing as well as subtle mods like the catch cans attached to the firewall was just making me flip the fuck out. The work in this car was about 9000x more insane than anything I have ever seen. Looks like it sits pretty low as well, yeah?

Holy santa clause shit. Got low? That is the exhaust flange that is sitting on the ground, literally. The mainfold is seriously also an ants dick away from being on the ground as well. This car should be under the definition of railed haha, I loved it.

I think this ute had an auto in it. All I know is that he would boot it on the straight, hit like second on the power glide box and just start baking the rears. Pretty nuts if you ask me. Also check the AP Racing front brakes, some serious cash in this car. That is 12k worth of stopping power right there.

This 13 comes out to the JDM Meets, also fairly sure I got the owner on facebook haha. Seems relatively stock apart from exhaust and S15 stockies, but the frankly huge rear semi slicks kind of give up the game, as well as the full race cage. It actually runs a pretty serious RB26 setup, which would be making easily over 400rwhp.

As I mentioned in the last Jamboree post, I spotted my mate Dean out there in his RB25 S14. He had his new plates on, 70YRB and was just out for some fun. Was good to see someone rocking good fitment on the day. However, he was parked up later in the day and I noticed another 14 next to him, and my god I shat bricks.

My god, I was instantly more in love with this than I am with Katy Perry. Had me wondering where the hell this car had been. Luckily I managed to get a few more shots of it.

Also managed to meet and chat with the owner Anthony. He was a really nice guy, happy to chat about the car and walk me around it, all while I was dribbling. From memory, the Professors were 18×9.5 -8 at the front with the help of some 8mm slip on spacers. The rears are 18×10.5 +5. Anthony also said that he raised the car an inch or so for the event…yes, he raised it. Seriously, so much love for this man’s taste…it would be slammed to the shit house with another inch lower. He runs a combo setup with his coils running JIC rears and something else up front. Also, as you can see by this engine it makes solid power, over the 400hp mark according to Anthony. I threw him a sticker, told him to get into contact and that I would love to shoot the car some time. Hopefully will be seeing this car a lot more often in the future.

Ryans pink 13 was out after having just completed his engine build, which is an RB25 making around 410rwhp. Some serious mumbo, such an awesome build as well. Spot the Downshift sticker on his car, wooo represent. Actually it is impossible to spot, but it is the long white spec on the rear windscreen.

You will be seeing a lot more shots of this ute over the weekend. You can’t see the plates well, but they read 20BRP. No prizes for guessing why I loved this thing.

Showing some love to some bros. Sharpy in the 180 who cut a boost skid just for me. Also got an awesome shot of Duane’s E21 squatting hardout on full noise down the straight, very late in the afternoon.

Now I definitely saved the best car for last. Totally didn’t expect to see this car out at all. Honestly, it really was dominating everything on the track. The only cars that stood a chance had full drag radials and parachutes or wheely bars. You will easily be able to see why.

This is Mercury Motorsports R35 build, and my god is it in a complete other world. Firstly, no, that is not carbon wrap on the front bar. No expense has been spared on the car at all. Just look at the wheels…HRE C90’s in 20″ go for easily 3k…per wheel.

The 35 is also fully stripped, with only the main dash left and one very costly OMP race bucket.

It seriously is just such a menacing looking car. In all honesty it stood out more than any other car on the day primarily because it was so badass. Just look at the thing. Also loved the exhaust note, very throaty V6 rasp emitted from the VR38 which is now making 637awhp. Epic build much? Now you will be realising why it was virtually untouchable all weekend long.

To finish things off, here is a shot in the late afternoon of Trent in the 35 racing another of the badass boosted falcons, NORHTY . Now NORTHY is definitely not short on power, probably making around 400 – 500rwkw, and let’s just say it looked like it wasn’t even racing.

That is it for Friday. There’s way more to come from QLD’s best event soon, so keep an eye out. Cheers for reading and hope ya’ll enjoyed.