Decided to throw some shots up of a shoot I did for my bud Eric’s new car. Shots are a bit dated, but still some rad shots considering we just drove around and ended up at some random building complex that turned out to be quite the spot to shoot at, good enough that I also shot a few other cars there.

You really have to love R32 Golfs, the build quality is such a step up from anything else in its price bracket, and for the hot hatch market, in my opinion I think it has it wrapped around it’s little pinky. Well it did before the properly badass Focus RS popped in. The 32 with DSG is amazing, the noise it emits is also truly awesome, as anyone who has heard it will tell you.

Bit of Info for those not in the know:
3.2l V6 was crammed into a small little hatchback to compete in the hatch class for superiority. Eric’s is the MkV Version which is technically the 3rd gen R32. It was also the first to be given Volkswagen’s DSG gearbox, which was really the first automatic manual to take off and become popular with people and motoring journo’s alike. Porsche’s PDK and Fords ZF were follow ups of the successful DSG. The R32 is praised for its build quality and crazy amounts of torque thanks to the V6 donk under the bonnet. Some examples have been known to breeze past 600awhp with a twin turbo set up, in a hatch back that is some serious mumbo.

I am just sitting on the edge of my seat waiting anxiously to see if Eric decides to head down the tuners guided path and make it something nuts, and trust me, if he does it will be on here.










Stock brakes almost bigger than my TE’s :(


The last shot was a random idea that I had and thought could possibly work, easily one of my favorite pics that I have taken to date. It came out perfectly. Hope you enjoy the shots.