Sometimes the best nights are the ones that are never really planned. I was sitting at home watching some stupid program on tv, and I get this phone call from my buddy Logan telling me that there is going to be epic cruise and why am I not on MSN. So i jumped on and within the hour we organized a cruise. Now it wasn’t a cruise with 100 cars there were only 2, but the car quality was A grade and cruising with good mates and chilling is always a great way to spend a night.

The cars in attendance are quite popular in the Queensland car scene, specially Brad’s S2000 which can probably lay claim as being one of the first S2000’s in Queensland to really step it up in terms of overall build, parts quality and of course stance. It manages to drop jaws no matter where it goes, something about those white Meisters, carbon fibre roof, supercharger and titanium exhaust makes peeps go all googlie eyed. Car number two is the properly badass WPN26, something about GTR’s always draws attention and Gus’s definitely emphasizes that. Due to the love of GTR’s, especially 32’s, a lot of the time here in Aus unfortunately the quality is terrible and it is a sad sight, but Gus’s immaculate 32 definitely proves that Nissan designed something truly special. 500+ rwhp yeah bring the reign.

Started off meeting at a big petrol station and chilled for a bit..


Rear Diffusers are dead fucking sexy


I am ridiculously happy with how Gus’s shots turned out, just look awesome. Wallpaper on it’s way.

We then ended up at the carpark of Seaworld on the Gold Coast, most random location but worked out to be an awesome backdrop, go figure.


mmmm yummy fitment


Seriously when people see Brad’s Carbon roof, they shit massive bricks.


Enjoy the shots ladies and gents, wallpapers to come for sure, and this is definitely not the last time you will see these two cars on here. Cheers to Will & Ben for driving me out there and Brad, Gus & Logan for making it an awesome night.